Corrupt Bargain

cov[City of Villains] Since I was complaining about City of Villains problems last week, I thought I should mention that I am having fun. Ultimately, that is the standard by which I will judge the game, so the verdict remains positive.

I have mostly been playing my Dark Blast/Thermal Radiation Corruptor. Welcome to the life of a class other than the Mastermind and Stalker.

I have three level 50s in City of Heroes, a Blaster and two Defenders. While I was planning to play a Mastermind, odd timing led to my combining my two previous loves. In retrospect, I could have really combined them by playing an Ice Blast/Kinetics Corruptor, but I can try at least slightly new things after having played each of those for at least 50 levels.

The class combines many of the things I like about both Blasters and Defenders. On a good team, I am a Blaster who buffs everyone every few fights and tosses heals while my attacks recharge (for the WoW crowd, “Shadow Priest”). On a less self-sufficient team, I am a healer who bayonets the wounded.

The Corruptor inherent power, Scourge, lets you deal double damage to an injured target, with an increased chance as their hit points drop. “Kick them while they’re down.” This means that I watch for targets of opportunity, rather than focusing on one target of my own. This is also a lot of fun when I fire off my AE DoTs. The enemies’ heads erupt with orange 3s and SCOURGEs by the dozen.

The abilities accent each other well. Buff before the fight starts. As you engage the enemy, debuff and/or heal their initial hit, depending on your secondary power set. Then unload all your attacks on the now half-dead enemies, using Scourge to finish them off. Since my attacks have a debuff in them, I like to open fights with AE attacks, thereby pulling far too much aggro on myself, and use my AE heal. Heal the Stalker or Brute who is getting pounded, fire the AE heal again, and by now the aggro is evenly spread and the enemies are half-dead. Proceed with Scourge, rebuff, next group.

Corruptors mix well with the other archetypes. Masterminds like having AE heals available, and I can buff pets on small teams or before big fights. Stalkers can definitely use shields and the single-target heal, since they tend to get initial aggro after one-shotting a lieutenant. I wish I could say more about Dominators, but I do not see that many.

Brutes, though rare in my play group, are the ones who seem to benefit most from my presence. They do have defense and hit points, but they are not Tankers. They deal more damage when they get attacked more often, and Rage fades quickly, so they are encouraged to get in over their heads. A friend of mine already abandoned his Brute because of soloing issues. With Corruptor support, however, they can be the engines of destruction they are meant to be. My shields reduce the damage from all those attacks, my debuffs reduce the number of attacks that land, and I have two heals in case things start to go south. The Brute can charge blindly from group to group, full of Rage and one-shotting anything he can reach, with relatively little risk.

I get to be a primary damage source as well as the healer that pulls folks out of the fire. It is a good time. This concludes my advertisement for my current class. I expect to hit the level cap before they raise it, so I will be able to tell you about my life as a Mastermind sometime soon.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Corrupt Bargain”

  1. Dangit Zubon…. you’re making me forget my better judgement, and want to go get this game.

    CoH left a BAD taste in my mouth… but CoV is sounding sorta fun…

  2. So far, CoV is a lot of fun. The classes are all so interesting and the settings are cool. Heck, I even robbed a bank yesterday. It is not a completely different game, so don’t get me wrong. However, it seems like they focused on fun this time. Having a blast on Liberty. Literally.

  3. And Inhibit, if you did buy CoV and found a class you liked, I can pretty much promise you they’ll nerf it and you’ll get pissed and then quit. That’s just how things work. ;-)

  4. Story of my life, Ethic…. story of my life. I think I’m gonna give it a miss just on principal alone. Once I see Statesman’s head on a pike… I might consider coming back.

  5. I’ll tell you if I find a “Statesman’s head on a pike” mission, although beating him to a pulp will probably be a level 50-ish mission, like defeating Tyrant.

  6. Having said that Inhibit, I expect to see you playing before the weekend is over. That’s just how things work. ;-)

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