Dragons Don’t Fly

About three weeks back, I got accepted into the beta of a highly anticipated MMO. I cannot disclose the name due to non-disclosure shit, but I was excited.

I love betas because it is really your chance to get into a game, try out everything and make a difference in the development path. This interest however is only viable when you can actually PLAY the game. I have not been able to play this game once because it will not work on my 6800 card. It also is not working on any other 6800’s apparently.

NVidia just released new drivers, which I just installed, and it still will not run. The video starts, but it will lock up and completely fuck your machine, requiring you to reboot.

I have heard of issues like this in alphas, but for a game this big, still not working on one of the most popular line of video cards on the market; I fear for their success.


One thought on “Dragons Don’t Fly”

  1. if its d&do… it sucks anyways, you’re not missing out. when a new shiny game can’t pull me away from lvl’n another alt to 60 in wow, then it can’t be that great

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