wow[World of Warcraft] Despite all the work I’ve had for the past three weeks (not to mention the work I still have), my brother not wanting to play WoW very much, plus the fact that my college’s internet has been booting me from WoW approximately once every 15-30 minutes for the past three days, I’ve managed to squeeze in some playtime. However, rather than spending all my time on my mage, I’ve created my first official alt, a Tauren hunter.

There’s a couple of things I’ve learned from playing my mage.. Firstly, being a mage isn’t nearly as fun as it used to be. I’m still going to try and hold out until I get into my 50’s and respec to the frost tree, but I’m very bored with it as it is right now. It just has no flare to it anymore. Secondly, I hate being Alliance. It’s not just the looks. I’ve heard people say Blizzard prefers Alliance more than Horde, but after playing both, I’d personally argue against that, but I don’t feel like getting into that discussion because the real answer is that Blizzard doesn’t prefer either, or at least I hope that’s true.

Hunter is a class I thought I would hate. I only chose to make it an alt because they use pets, and I wanted to spice up my gameplay a little bit and I thought a pet would be the perfect way. Why not choose warlock? I thought it would be too much like mage. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying the hell out of my hunter. I’m not sure why. Grinding is incredibly easy with a hunter. Just send out your pet, let it tank, fire at will. Not much strategy, not much difficulty. What I’m enjoying is just the feel of being a hunter. Like a mage, you’re basically an onlooker on the battle, firing at the target from afar, but it feels a little more rewarding as a hunter. I no longer have to worry about cast times, which makes sitting and playing much more enjoyable and relaxing. All I have to worry about is space between me and my enemy. On top of that, training pets offers a little variation on your gameplay. I also look damn cool, considering I’m a Tauren compared to my stubby, cloth-wearing Gnome. Plus, I think just being back on Horde has just made me feel like I’m back home.

So my decision is whether or not I should quit my mage or not. I think I’m going to try out hunter a little longer. All classes eventually become pretty boring, I’d imagine. I’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I’m more worried about actually being able to play WoW. I don’t know what the problem is with the internet here. I’ve called the tech guys, who seem to be just students who don’t know anything, and they’ve told me nothing has changed on their end, but the service provider could have done something. They tell me that my college tries to limit internet usage to just academic activities by limiting bandwidth. I’ve been playing for months just fine, despite the horrible latency I get during class hours, and now it just doesn’t want to work. I’m seriously thinking about changing colleges. This isn’t the only reason, but it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have some guildmates who are in or have been through college and they said they did not have many problems with their internet, so I can only conclude my college has a crappy service provider. If things don’t shape up in the next few days, I’m going to be presenting the decision to my parents, something I’m not looking forwards to.


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  1. “I’ve heard people say Blizzard prefers Alliance more than Horde, but after playing both, I’d personally argue against that, but I don’t feel like getting into that discussion because the real answer is that Blizzard doesn’t prefer either, or at least I hope that’s true.”

    The reasons I have heard are that the Alliance has bigger and more planned out cities and that their quests are generally easier until you get to the quests that both Alliance and Horde can do. The other argument I hear (half-jokingly) for this is that Blizzard internal testers and designers/coders play Alliance.

    I have been swayed a bit after having played for so long and agree with you. I don’t think they prefer one over the other.

  2. If anyone cares, I’ve done a little research and it seems that my connection problems are coming from WoW itself…now if I could only figure out how to fix it.

  3. I always thought that the developers played rogues. Unless they were playing shamans. Damn sure weren’t playing hunters. :-)

  4. The world feels more cohesive and there’s more “flavor” in the Alliance-side that indicates that the world builders took greater care when filling out those areas than the Horde side. The town criers, people walking around and conversing, the care put into the environments (like the warlocks in the basement of the SW tavern).

    It wasn’t until recent patches that Horde got more “townspeople” and actual residents in the huts in the Barrens. You think it’s stark now – you should’ve seen Horde-side at launch.

    And the other little touches . . . Imagine my surprise when I recently made an Alliance priest, and the priest in Stormwind actually acknowledges my presence and waves as I walk into the cathedral!

    Other things . . . The backdoors on all of the Horde capital cities are extremely irritating. Leveling is faster on Alliance side due to all of the low-level quests or quest-givers being very close to one another, vs. the back-and-forth (pre-Camp Taurajo windrider) Horde low-levels need to do in the Barrens. The troll starting “city” Sen’jin (iirc) is woefully exposed, not tucked away in a capital city like the gnomes. It was targeted more often pre-guard-swimming patch.

  5. heh its funny…. playing on the alliance side on my server, we’ve all pretty much agreed that all of blizz not only play horde only, but are all shamans


  6. While true, certain Alliance areas seem more polished, that’s not the extent of it. My first character was an Alliance character and IF amazed me with how cool it is and then I made a Horde and was thoroughly disappointed with Orgrimmar.

    However, have you ever taken a ride on Alliance flight points? Didn’t think so. They’re horrible. Wanna fly to STV? You gotta take 5+ minutes on riding the tram before you can even begin to fly. Wanna get to Darnassus? Gotta take a flight from IF to wetlands then a boat ride over to dustwallow then another flight. Either that or buy a portal. Horde’s FPs are tons better. Why? CROSSROADS! That place almost goes everywhere. So what about the other continent? Just walk right outside Org and take the Zep and BAM, you’re at UC.

    And you said Alliance areas are better to grind in. I beg to differ. The barrens is GREAT! You have a town that centrally located, it’s close to your main town, and there’s plenty of quests. So many that I’ve gotten to level 20 on my hunter and I still have tons to spare. Who cares if it’s boring. Who cares if it’s the only place to go. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you won’t care. Compare that to a place like wetlands and the favor is obviously for the Horde. Be my guest. Go quest in the wetlands and tell me how horrible it is. Not only is the town located on the extreme left of the map, but you have to walk forever just to get to the place where you need to do ONE quest.

    And here I am…I thought I said I didn’t want to get into it.

  7. Oh, and did I mention Horde preference for instances? Horde have a lowbie instance for lvls 14+. Alliance don’t. Ever done Stockades? Crappiest instance in the game and it’s an Alliance lowbie instance. Scarlet Monastary anyone? RIGHT NEXT TO UC IN A HORDE CONTROLLED AREA! RFD? Located in barrens and, yet again, in a Horde controlled area.

    Just thought I’d point it out.

  8. The Deadmines for alliance is lvl15-20 range, depending on your group. also known as VC for the boss at the end, Van Cleef. It’s in Westfall

  9. VC is 18+. Guess what, Horde have an 18+ instance too. It’s called WC. Sure, you can do it before 18 “depending on your group” but guess what, you can do WC before 18 as well!

  10. Gameplay wise it has been pretty balanced. Yeah, I’d argue Paladins are still overpowered and before I get flamed by every Paladin in the world, I just mean at certain things. Overall Paladins aren’t the supermen people make them out to be. Their annoying bubble ability lets them kite pretty much every NPC we throw at Alliance in Alterac Valley, but according to Blizzard that is “working as intended”. So their advantage really comes from stupid level design rather than being inheritantly overpowerful.

    I would agree with the others that Horde is lacking in polish. I played a human warrior up to about level 20 before I gave up on Alliance and played Undead (because all my friends were Horde). I was surprised how little atmosphere was put into Ogrimarr and also how confusing the layout was. It has gotten better with recent patches and I think eventually both sides will be even, keeping in mind that the game was rushed and the Alliance side was farther along than the Horde when it was released. Undercity was already pretty cool at launch IMHO, but Thunder Bluff = bleh, although I’d argue Darnassus isn’t much better.

    They’ve been focusing on new content and I think they probably left a lot of the quests they’ve meant to go back and polish unfinished. They probably won’t be going back since most players are done with them by now. One popular example is the quest to get access to Onyxia. The series of quests concludes for the Alliance with you following the Marshal around Stormwind and being saluted by every guard you pass. Sounds pretty cool. The Horde version you basically talk to Rexxar.

  11. For those of you who don’t think Blizz sways toward the horde…. tell me why their guards are all horrendously tough, while the Alliances are like, level 20 and simple for horde to kill?

    Why are their fp masters so tough for Allys, yet they easily kill our gryph masters?

    They lure us into places such as Tarren Mill and just stand by laughing as we get slaughtered by their guards. Yet when we lure them into Southshore, they are able to kill each of our guards in less than 30 seconds.

    I see that as a serious game imbalance in favor of the horde. Guards should all be equal on both sides!

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