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/em clutches chest.

/em dies from joy overload.

In the next version update, major changes are scheduled for the dragoon two-hour ability.

The development team does not consider the dragoon to be particularly weak when compared to other jobs, but we are aware that a large part of a dragoon’s strength depends on the presence of his or her wyvern. After taking into account the wyvern’s tendency to be quickly defeated in heated battles, and the dragoon’s lack of a powerful special ability for use in missions and other critical situations, it was decided that improvements were necessary.

Simply raising the wyvern’s HP and defense to increase its survivability would cause balance issues in other parts of the game. However, it was judged that improving the dragoon’s two-hour ability would have less of an impact on overall balance, and so the following changes have been planned for the upcoming version update:

-New two-hour ability
The dragoon will be imbued with the strength of his or her wyvern for a fixed length of time, increasing the dragoon’s power and adding special effects to “Jump” abilities.

-Call Wyvern
The recast time for this ability will be reduced to twenty minutes. This ability will only be available when the main job is set to dragoon.

Wyverns will now have the equivalent of the job trait “Subtle Blow,” reducing the amount of TP gained by opponents from the wyvern’s attacks.

More details will be announced at the time of the version update.

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (11/22/2005)

Just when the stigma was disappearing on dragoons, SE steps and destroys it.

This is freaking awesome.

I only have speculation on what the new 2 hour ability might be but this will make dragoons at least a little more acceptable in end-game activities if not much more acceptable.

– ringthree

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  1. While it’s been a long time since playing, I do remember how much of a pain the 2hr was for Dragoons. It was still a very fun job. Good to see it just got better.

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