WoW really is crack…

wow[World of Warcraft] You have to wonder if it was really worth it for Blizzard to go into China. You also have to wonder if there was a reason that Sony and Square Enix havent ventured into the mainland…

Suing Blizzard is fast becoming a massively multiplayer pastime in China.

Numerous sources reported earlier this week that the parents of a boy who leaped from a 24-story building are filing suit against Blizzard in relation to the young man’s supposed addiction to World of Warcraft.

Today’s China Daily indicates that 63 additional parents have decided to proceed with a joint lawsuit against online game companies. At issue is online game addiction, widely viewed as a national health problem in China, where MMO’s are often referred to as “e-heroin.”

On Monday, China Central Television reported that a high school student in Hunan Province had cut off his little finger as a way to demonstrate his commitment to kicking his Web addiction. According to statistics cited by China Daily, 15 percent of the country’s youth – or about 2.5 million people – are addicted to MMO’s.

Zhang Chunliang, refereed to as a “cyber addiction expert,” is spearheading the collective lawsuit.
“A child’s addiction to Internet games means the ruin of a whole family,” said Zhang. “Indulging in a virtual cyber world causes players to mix the virtual world with the real world.”

Zhang, who claims to have visited over 260 Internet cafes, says he has gathered data on more than 700 cases of MMO-related injury, suicide and fatigue.

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