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cov[City of Villains] I just got this message sent to me from a guy named “Tech Support”. He is a Mastermind in City of Villains on the Liberty server.

As we approach the holiday season for giving thanks, I’d like to say a little something about my two loyal robots, Root and Reboot. These two mechanical monsters are something to behold. Whether it’s a bank robbery or a kidnapping ahead of us, they always perform to perfection.

As a special thanks to them, I have purchased some upgrades. Before we do the next Family Boss rescue, you boys will find out that you have some new firepower to play with. Enjoy!

Now I’d like to say a couple of things individually. First to Root: You are a loyal friend and often the first into battle. This causes you to get most of the damage and since you feel the need to run into melee range, I have problems keeping your systems running at 100%. Therefore, I’m very sorry for the last few times you had complete system failure. I promise to carry more healing enhancements into battle, just for you pal.

To Reboot: You sir, are a joy to watch. Sometimes when I send the attack command, you go into that funny little “I don’t know where I am going so I’ll just keep running into Root” dance. It never fails to make me laugh. I laugh because Root would rather run off and aggro the whole room. So really, you are saving my hide. I thank you for that. For you, I promise to move into the hallway more often instead of hiding around the corner. Hopefully that will give you a better path to the bad guys. Wait, are the enemies of a villain considered bad guys?

As a final thanks, I’d like to call attention to the amazing ability you boys have to drop from the sky, even when I’m deep underground in a snake pit or inside a warehouse full of mobsters. Keep up the good work. Soon we will be having another robot friend joining us, so please try not to fight for attention. I love you all equally.

– Tech Support

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