Strike Forces and Task Forces

cov[City of Villains] Early in City of Heroes, task forces were repeatedly bugged, annoying, and generally not worth the effort of completing. After several fixes, they were still in the same status. Then they were mostly fixed, with badges added retroactively. Then they added some badges to the most tiring ones, not retroactively. These tiring ones are scheduled to be made less tiring someday.

City of Villains is aspiring to this track record.

My supergroup in CoV has started a regular Tuesday night strike force party. We meet up and whoever is there goes on whatever we can. Hey, getting people to reliably be there Tuesday at 7 is hard enough on folks’ planning ahead for the game; we failed the “start at 7” aspect this week. Anyway, two weeks ago, we did the first strike force. It was pretty much a hoot, aside from the various bugs along the way. There is no badge for the strike force. Last week was the first respec trial, which went quite well, with no bugs noted. (That trial is currently broken, disconnecting everyone immediately before the last villain. Seriously, the very last thing you must do before fighting the archvillain crashes everyone. Ouch.) Badge, respec unlocked, I leveled, woo!

Last night, we decided to run the 30-35 strike force, since we had eight characters in that level range. It would be difficult, since only a few were at the upper end, but we were up for it. Sadly, there is no 30-35 strike force. 25-30 and 35-40, but not 25-30. At least, not that any of us could find in-game or online. C’est la vie. Let’s try that again.

Last night, we decided to run the 25-30 strike force, since we had eight characters level 30 and above. We would not get experience, except for the one member who had 1.5 bubbles left in level 30, but we were up for it. We can always use infamy, prestige, and a shiny badge. The strike force had not been awarding badges, but that was fixed on the 8th. It is an interesting strike force, including multiple archvillains. I will avoid giving things away.

What I will mention, though, is that, as it turns out, there is not a badge. The developers now recommend not running that strike force if you want the badge, since when they fix it, they will not be giving badges retroactively.

Apparently, no one thought to include any flag for the strike forces, and it would be really hard to data mine who has completed that in the month or so the game has been out. Thanks, guys, wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.

Thank you for listening to the weekly rant of “City of Villains has bugs.” We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, with a recommendation just to avoid the strike forces for the next sixth months or so. Expect the Cathedral of Pain trial and base raids to launch bugged as well.

: Zubon

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  1. I’m wondering whether I would have posted if there had not been an announcement of “no badges” less than 24 hours after we ran the task force for no xp. My support ticket is still out there; it will presumably get deleted someday soon, so that might have triggered the weekly “bugs” rant.

    Again, my own fault for pre-ordering a game. For some reason, I am not even playing the over-powered class that is going to get nerfed; hopefully, my Corruptor will hit 40 before the nerf comes.

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