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ToonTown[ToonTown] My kids have been playing TT for a few months now. As a responsible parent, I had to try it out first to make sure it was appropriate for them. OK, I’ll admit I wanted to check it out anyway. I found a few things in the game rather appealing.

In TT, you can wander around the city streets without fear of bad guys for the most part. However, if you get too close to one, combat will begin. Combat is turn-based and pretty simple. You pick which attack (called gags) you want to use and which bad guy (called cogs) to attack, assuming more than one cog. As you use various gags, you gain skills in that type of gag. When the skill reaches a certain point, you will get a better gag (more damage) in that same line. You can get new types of gags by doing missions for various NPCs.

Now during combat, other people can join the battle – up to 4 people total. There is no XP to worry about, but battles do end sooner with more people so I guess you could complain about that part. It could technically slow down your progress gaining new gags, since you used less gags to defeat the cog.

There are a variety of gags, from water (squirt the bad guy!) to pies (hit them with it) to a big feather that allows you to make the other players laugh, which in turn heals them some. You must buy gags in order to use them. You have to have a good quantity of them as each attack used one up.

To buy gags, you play mini-games against other players (or solo if nobody else joins) to win jelly beans. The jelly beans are the currency used to buy more gags. My favorite mini-game is the one where you have to shoot yourself out of a canon into an open-topped water tower. You control where the canon is pointed and the sooner you land in the water the more jelly beans you win. If you miss, you splat onto the ground and it loads you back into the canon for another try.

One of my favorite things in TT was the housing. Every player starts with a house and all players on your account (you can have 6) share the same neighborhood. Your can decorate your house with items purchased through the catalog, which you access from the telephone in your house. You can move and rotate where items are placed. You have a piggy bank that you can store extra jelly beans in, and a closet for extra clothes. You can enter any of the homes in your neighborhood (since they are all the same account) and walk around. You can even try on the other person’s clothes. You cannot take anything from their house, or rearrange their furniture. There is a pet of some sort wandering around the neighborhood that you can feed and take care of. Eventually, you can call him to a battle where he *may* help you out.

Chat is interesting in that they provide ready-made phrases for you. It is all in drop down menus, you drill down to what you want to say. They even provide more advanced phrases you can buy with jelly beans. It’s great for kids (no vulgarity), and you can get pretty fast at it. There is an option to unlock the chat, but I did not explore that.

If you have a friend in the game and you want to adventure with them, you can instantly travel to them by dropping a “portable hole” on the ground and jumping in. You will appear next to your friend. Makes for easy travel. You can get around the whole game with these portable holes, once you open the area up on the map.

The missions are fairly typical, like defeat 10 “pencil pusher” cogs. One interesting aspect is where you rescue a building. The cogs can take over a building and when they do it turns grey and boring on the outside so you can tell it was taken over. Players can form a team and go in to take it over by defeating the cogs inside. If successful, when you leave the building it turns back into whatever happy, colorful building it was before. Then, if you go into the rescued building, you will see your picture(s) on the wall as the heroes that saved the building. It will stay that way until the cogs take it over again.

They also have fishing and auto racing in the game but I did not try any of it. The Goofy Speedway looks pretty fun though. Honestly, for what I thought was a simple game, there is actually a lot of stuff to do.

I will probably spend some more time playing in the future, but until then: This is “Super Comet Thundertoon”, signing off. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them.

– Ethic

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  1. I’ve been playing ToonTown for probably over 2 years (since Early Beta), and it’s a lot of fun for a while. The mini-games get annoying after a while (Mini & Tug-o-war), and I found it’s faster to get Jellybeans via fishing (not to mention you work your way up to trophies for more Laugh Points). The grind starts, for the most part, when you get the LoM (Little old Man) quests. They never seem to end.
    Towards the “endgame” you grind a LOT at the Cog HQ and do “Factory Runs”. Completing a factory run will get you part of your cog costume. When you have a complete costume, you can then go after the forman. He is mighty impressive. You will go with 7 other toons. This is where it is most painful. You will encounter the “Elevator Shuffle”. All the high level toons will jump on the elevator, and if one low LP toon jumps on, everybody jumps off, and you have to re-organize. This is somewhat similiar to a PuG in WoW, where you don’t want to take a lvl 25 into Uldaman with you.
    Anyways, for some excellent information, fansite is excellent. There are more adults playing this game than you probably realize.
    Oh yea, Bingo Wednesdays are fun for fishing – try it!

  2. It almost sounds like the game is very solo intent. I understand why with it being a more family friendly game, but is there at least the option to create groups and what not?

    All I remember about this game is that the commercial used to annoy me.

  3. As far as I can tell, groups are pretty loose. You can all run around together and fight together but I did not see any sort of in-game connection for the group. You just basically all agree to run around. The game really encourages joining in on a fight, it is very easy. I almost never soloed in the game, which is rare for me. There is always someone there to help and they really could not make the game worse by helping so I did not feel any of the bad pickup group vibes I get from other games.

  4. The way groups work in TTO is: you check if any’ve your Friends are on and page them to ask if they can help you with whatever task you’re trying to finish. If they can’t, you stand around in the playground asking random strangers if they can help.

    If you’re looking to attack big bosses, like the Sellbot VP and Cashbot CFO, you can join forces with something like the Cold Callers’ Guild, which meets at specified times on specified servers (both specified on their website) to conduct assaults on those particular monstrosities. For any lesser mission, though, you’re on your own.

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