EVE Dev Blog – Big Bada Bewn?

EVE[EVE Online] One thing I really like about the EVE devs is their blog. They frequently post things about the game. Sometimes it is ideas they are pondering and sometimes it is new changes coming to the game. They even allow players to respond back, what a concept!

The most recent dev blog is one I enjoyed in particular. It discusses some new ships being introduced into the game: Carriers, Titans and Motherships. Let me run down some of the details for you.

Carriers: Huge vessels with massive drone bay. The drone bay allows them to control a new brand of weapons called “Fighters”. Like Dreadnoughts, Carriers have their own jump drive and require a scout gang mate to open a cynosural field for them to connect with. Due to their massive size, they cannot travel through stargates.

Motherships: While the Carriers are huge, the Motherships are bigger. They can do everything that Carriers can do do it on an even larger scale, and then something more. They have Clone Facilities. Being “Mother”ships they will come with room for corporation member clone storage. With a clone installed, corporation members will be able to “clone jump” to the Mothership if it is prepared to accept clone jumps. In short: these mothers can give birth to players.

Titans: Bigger than life? These are the daddies of any fleet, inspiring its children with technical bonuses that even scare me a bit. They have the same abilities as Motherships; having a clone bay, corporation hangar and ship maintenance. But there’s more…

Jump Portal – Instead of just activating their jump drive, Titans are able to open a bridge to distant solar systems allowing gang mates to jump through. And if that is not enough…

Doomsday Devices – You may have heared rumors of some superweapons that only titans will be capable of using. Some of you have even fallen victim to such a device destroying your ship. These weapons are true and they should not be tested when there are large numbers of friends around, unless you are as cruel as I am. What these weapons do is BIG BAAAAAAAAAADAA BEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwn and hurt almost everyone that is in sight, so be careful with your mouse when flying with your friends. These weapons are expensive to use and can not be used frequently.

Docking: Motherships and Titans can not dock at stations. They are doomed to fly in space for eternity or until they get blown up. After all they are stations in their own right and trying to squeeze something into itself could lead to something very obscure.

These are actual words typed by the devs (for the most part, I did edit some for length and to reduce some of the less interesting info). I bet it’s fun to work over there at CCP.

One thing I have to wonder about is the docking issue. What happens to a Titan when the pilot logs out? I assume since it is so big it would be just like a player owned starbase. The Titan would be immobile unless the pilot is online. The corp will have to protect it just like they would a POS.

To top this off, they just announced details about the next big content expansion, Red Moon Rising. Check it out.

– Ethic

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2 thoughts on “EVE Dev Blog – Big Bada Bewn?”

  1. This was discussed on the forums – apparently you can also “dock” inside a POS field and then logoff. As there won’t likely be many people at all with the skills to actually pilot a titan, having one just sitting around for a certain length of time won’t be all that dangerous.

    Or something.

    The Eve Devs are pretty amazing – and they love their game and aren’t ashamed or afraid to tell their customers “No, we don’t want you to have that.” At FanFest this year, there were a couple of times when that was said (and here’s the important bit) THE PLAYERS ACTUALLY ACCEPTED IT. That, more than anything else (IMO) shows how amazing the game is: the players trust the devs. We’ll have to see how long it lasts (there were similar feelings over at CoH – not up on whether or not it still is like that tho.)

    p.s. you did join up to Ars C, yes?

  2. I have not. I’ve been considering the move to a large corp with 0.0 access. Just looking around some, trying to find somewhere I feel like I belong. No offense of course.

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