WoW and Eve Online, where I stand.

I’ve noticed a strong trend in Eve lately, it seems that (like most games) CCP keeps adding more, and more, and even more “endgame” content, gigantic gargantuan doomsday ships that cost several billions of isk to buy, let alone train in its own.

I realise they are also revamping tech 1 frigates and cruisers, as well as adding new tech 2 destroyers, battlecruisers, and cruisers, also, at high prices. It seems to me more and more people that have over 40billion isk and have enough tech 2/named fitted bs stashed away to survive the end of the world, need more of an advantage then they already have?

Big bad alliances getting more content, and leaving the little guy in the dust, of course, this has always been the case in Eve, but making huge ships only flyable in 0.0 (which anyone who has ever been to 0.0 or been in an alliance knows that every inch of 0.0 is closely guarded by the local alliance who controls the territory) instantly cuts off a good number of players.

Why do I care? I’m in an alliance, with 0.0 access, (infact about half of the southern map) fall off of the biggest alliance in the game. However, the corporation I am in, which is part of the alliance, is nothing but a 26 man special operations corp ( in which about 6 of the members can even fly a ship worth anything) As a flight commander of the smallest corp in the alliance, I will NEVER see, much less ever use any of these ships, the new tech 2 ships, i might even fly, however, with only (I know I’m about to get “wtf is he bitching about”) 200mill odd isk laying around, (trust me it doesnt go far when you Pvp like a crack addict) losing one is going to seriously suck

I find myself faking linkdead during station camps to group and finish quests with friends in WoW. I might just be doing the same thing repetitively and therefore getting bored, or I think I’m just not having anymore fun in Eve anymore. I THINK about playing it more then I actually do, whereas in WoW< I just recently got my rogue to lvl 42, and I'm having fun, without running the risk of screwing over my game by dieing, and being able to take a break from grinding to screw around have good ol' fashioned fun, which was once mining in eve. Problem there, I never hated it before, I absolutely loved mining, I would mine for 4-6 hours everyday, if not more, and enjoyed it, because I was able to talk to friends and do other things indepentantly. Now, I just cannot bring myself to mine, its boring, bland, and I do nothing but push a few buttons every 5 minutes while money flows 1 by 1 into my wallet... I guess I need more dynamic game play, and WoW has been providing it. As for Eve, ill see if I can't get 3 more days of fun out of it when I can fly an intercepter.....which will be in about 6 days, until then, Zxyrox out. -Zxyrox

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  1. I used to play EVE, but an IC/OOC traitor to the corp who then blew off the manipulation as if he hadn’t just burnt me of a month solid of my invested playtime … it soured me.

    But the writing was on the wall, even back then. Screw trying to be a member of a small group of folks who played together for fun. Unless you were part of a multi-hundred person alliance and spent uber time playing pirate, or kissing a pirate’s booty, you might as well not bother signing on.

    Sad, very sad. But at least I can enjoy my time playing WoW. Its not the command of a swarm of cutting-edge tech drones while keeping an asteroid field clear all by myself, but its fun. And the fun is the point. When it stops being fun, it stops being a game.

  2. I tried Eve when it came out, but it was buggy.
    I recently tried it again about 2 months ago.

    All the stories about the way players affect the game… the appeal of a single massive server… the potential to make a difference and be part of something really inspired me.

    However I found the GAME itself to be somewhat dull. It’s much more of a social construct than an entertaining and fun game.

    Perhaps if I found a Corporation to sell my soul too, and do as they tell me and in return they get my time and devotion to the corp that I might have more fun, being involved in the politics.

    However that’s a LOT of time, and potentially wasted if I just quit 6 months or so down the line.

    Maybe if they added some sort of ‘creative’ feature to Eve that people could contribute.
    Some sort of ‘puzzle/design’ mini-game.
    Something that takes real brains to create original things and make money that way.

    Guess I’m just dreaming.

  3. Trust me when i say, corporation politics arent the amazing aspect of the game, for the most part, the mass multiplayer of this game can go to hell, its been mentioned by someone else, but the decent person:scum ratio in Eve is just way to high for me to deal with, perhaps it was a bad idea for me to think i could play a game where stealing, betrayal, and manipulation occur on a daily basis, and ive been victim to all three, for now, ill play a game where i can avoid that crap and just play it like its ment to be.. a game

  4. Two people I respect have mentioned the high scumbag ratio in EVE and it has me a bit worried. I guess my being careful who I associate with has helped so far as I have not once encountered a scumbag during game play (wish I could say the same for WoW). Granted, I’m not in a corporation at the moment, but I’m trying to get into one of the larger ones right now and I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

    One things for sure, I keep subscribed to the game because I can “level” offline. Therefore I have very little pressure to play as I cannot “level” any faster by playing. That has always been a thorn in my side in other MMOGs. Everyone I know plays more than me and I always try to play catch up. EVE allows me to play other games all the while I’m still advancing in EVE.

    I really can’t comment on the quality (or lack thereof) of the content in EVE because I have hardly played the game in the last several months. Weird.

    I can fly interceptors and covert-ops ships but I really wouldn’t know the first thing to do with them other than what I’ve read in forums. I have been practicing flying around in my 30 million ISK covert-ops ship, having fun with the cloak, but it’s mostly a novelty for me. Hey look! I disappeared! Now I’m back! Woohoo! I am, however running out of money so feel free to toss some of that 200 million my way man.

    I guess I’ll find out soon enough if I’m going to come to the same conclusions and you and Inhibit.

  5. lol, if you ever need any money feel free to ask, im almost certain you will find a better use for it, my best advice to you is to keep your wallet closest to you and you alone, otherwise things can and will go bad. and it was mostly the one bad event that soured me, and and for sure him….was one of the most scummy things i’ve ever seen. I wish you the best in your search for a corp though, and all you need to do is ask and ill toss some isk your way.


  6. Just a note… the “gigantic gargantuan doomsday ships that cost several billions of isk to buy” i.e. the titans were planned as part of the content from the very start, and quite a few people got attracted to the game exactly because of their idea. It’s simply only now that they finally got around putting them in the game.

    And well, if you find WoW more fun at the moment then the obvious thing to do would be play it instead. But seeing how you begin to reach high levels there, i’d say you’re about to also start experiencing the very thing you complain about in EVE — dull, repetitious runs through the same content, and finding yourself more and more in the dust as large guilds go on tackling the ‘endgame’ stuff. Well, unless you actually are in one of such guilds.

  7. For one, ill point out that i did infact know that they were adding such ships, however, ill also add that many gaming companies want things in thier games that get lost in the rush of new content or demand for different things, for all of anyones knowledge, these ships could have been put back on the shelf for other ideas.

    Ill add in that, being level 60, or being high level doesnt make the game any more repeditive then when you were killing zombies in the noob area. except now they are bigger, badder, and more graphically impressive, some people will be put off by that, and thats fine, im really not all that interested in the “endgame” or a large guild full of politics and “scheduled” guild raids or events, i quest with a small group of friends, and if i decide to start on small instances like Scholo, i can just as easily get a pickupraid. even if i leave WoW having never seen Onyxia or BWL, ill still have fond memories, in the end, thats what matters.

  8. Z: “all you need to do is ask and ill toss some isk your way”

    E: “feel free to toss some of that 200 million my way” ;-)

    Disclaimer: ISK transfers to Ethic are risky! He doesn’t provide fixed returns and past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. All ISK transfers to Ethic entail the almost guaranteed risk of great and sudden financial loss. Returns vary and you may have a gain or more likely a loss if you ask for it back. No assurance is given that anything you give Ethic will ever be returned. He is skilled at spending ISK, but not so much making it.

  9. “some of that 200 million” :P thats anywhere from .01-200m (cant read minds!) and i dont expect to be paid back, i just figure until i find out what i want to do ill play santa claus for those without the time to spend hours npc hunting in 0.0, doing missions, or mining. :)

  10. Please send 200 million. No? 150m. No? 100m? 75? 50? 25? I don’t know what you want to get rid of. You may not leave or you may leave and come back looking to spend. Whatever you care to send will help. I’m kind of stuck now and have no real good way to make ISK. Going to have to start shooting stuff again soon. I’ll take it all or some sum less. Or keep it all. No matter. Just hearing you talk about 200 million like you can make that in an hour makes me wonder what I’m doing so wrong, hehe. Just know this, 200 million ISK is a LOT of money to me. I’ve never had more than 30 million but that was thanks to another generous soul.

  11. lol, 200m in an hour?!?!?! i dont have tech2 bpos yet…., ill send you some after i buy my intercepter this weekend. looking around 30-50mill for ya..

  12. Well I for one completely stoped playing CoH in order to pick up a third account in EvE. Haven’t been tempted by WoW at all. I admit EvE is sllllooooowwwww and dull most of the time. However if you find a good group of guys and have a goal to work towards it can be a hell of alot of fun.
    I started my own corporation and have been spending time getting to know the rest of the small corps in my region and the interaction is a hoot. The planning and acting and swaying with change is great. And I love the fact that EvE is adaptable to ones life style. Like Ethic says the offline skill training is great. I can leave EvE alone for a week or two with no guilt of wasting time. I’m a very casual, lighthearted person and I just love EvEs ability to cater to me.

    Anyway the real reason I’m here……to beg
    seriously I’ll take any amount, the larger the better, and gear too, well anything actually.

    Safe journies space fans.

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