Not a Hint of Corruption

Many gamers doubt the value of the gaming press because game developers can effectively buy positive coverage. They can offer magazines and web sites exclusive information, advertising dollars, free games for testing, and presumably other enticements that are escaping me just now.

Unless Ethic is hoarding the loot, I can assure you that no such thing happens here. We’re getting squat. No free copies, beta invitations, or even requests to check out a game on our own dime. Zip. Maybe it is our lack of advertising, or perhaps the gentle way that we explain our thoughts on issues in our current games.

If this continues, I must assume word has gotten around that we are moral paragons, above the influence of petty bribery or corporate chicanery.

: Zubon

One thought on “Not a Hint of Corruption”

  1. I actually turned down an offer for advertising and I only put up the banner for child’s Play because it is a cause I believe in. The cost for running this site is really next to nothing, so why get involved in the mess of advertising?

    As for beta tests, I don’t even apply for them under the name Ethic or mention this site in general. Not sure if that helps or hurts my chances, hehe. Besides, with the typical NDA I couldn’t say anything anyways and that hurts my ability to write here. Time spent testing is time I can’t write about.

    I also hope nobody considers us press here, this is more like some friends chatting about their latest adventures.

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