I Am So Popular

Does everyone have to turn down team invitations every five minutes?

City of Heroes lets you set a LFG flag to a variety of settings. I indicate that I am soloing by leaving if off. This does not seem to deter people. If I am in a mission, I cannot be invited, so I am safe there except for the occasional /tell asking if I would like to quit my mission and join theirs. In the time it takes me to fly between missions, someone will send me an invitation or, more politely, an /tell asking if I am LFG.

Apparently, they believe that I would like to be on a team, but I am not competent enough to operate the LFG button. That is not the level of competency you want your healer to have.

Part of this is surely that I tend towards support classes and their hybrids. In the City of Stalkers and Masterminds, buffs and heals are at a premium. I occasionally remember that I can ditch lousy pickup groups because I can be picky. That is always a liberating feeling.

Blind invitations are always an interesting notion. A little window pops up, and I am led to wonder whether this is someone I know. A friend’s alt? An SG-mate I had not noticed? Check a couple of screens, nope, this is just some random person who has never spoken to me. I might even allow a few of these before putting someone on /ignore.

The random requests by /tell are more variable. There, you have a chance to sell me on joining your group even when I was not looking. Maybe you will catch me on a whim. I have met some very good people through just this sort of pickup group. I have had good groups that ran well and benefited everyone.

Last night, during a Hamidon raid, I was invited to join the first respec trial. To translate for players of other games, I was in a level 50 raid zone, and this was a request to join a level 24 quest four zones away. I credit this as one of the more polite invitations, since they mentioned that fact up front.

Frequently, I get invited to fight blues and greens several zones away, in a slow-moving, indecisive team. The invitation rarely advertises that description. Other times, I hear, “u wana help with mish”

How do you deal with this politely? Should you?

: Zubon

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  1. It is a bit bizzare; somewhat like wandering past an operating theatre in a hospital and have a hand reach out the door and yank you inside, then be expected to do surgery, without a exchanging a word with the other surgeon.

    My guess is that lot of it is frustraited soloers, who see other players (esp Healers) as a kind of NPC wingman resource to help with the tricky bits. Frankly though, if they don’t even want to say hello, or better yet, explain what they are trying to get done, bad things can only come of the resulting group. I’m not expecting a life-history mind you, but some kind of Plan of Attack is always helpful.

    To answer the question though; respond in kind, a blind refusal for a blind invite. :)

  2. Since I also like to play healers, I’ve made the same perceptions as you. I accept that often groups are almost complete and ready to go adventuring but are missing a healer, and therefore they are asking people even if they are not “LFG” (in WoW there is no “LFG” feature anyway…). My policy is that I respond in the same way as the request was made. If someone sends me a whisper which I consider somehow polite, I try to decline in a polite way. If someone just whispers “UBRS?” I just reply “n”. Blind group invites get declined without comment.

    I recently started playing a healer in EQ2, and whats very disturbing there compared to my experience in WoW is that I receive /tells with group inquiries very rarely, but I receive blind invites very often. Some people repeat these invites until I put them on ignore. What are these people thinking? Do they think that healers are always-available henchmen like in Guild Wars? Fortunately I eventually discovered that you can turn on a setting “auto-decline group invites”.

  3. I put in a comment in my search box saying, “I don’t do pick-up groups, so please don’t ask.” When I’m getting spammed anyway, I just /hide.

  4. Even more so than WoW, it seemed that CoH brings the absolute rawest MMORPG newbies out of the woodwork. I’m not God’s Gift to Online Gaming, but when I was playing CoH I saw a fairly large number of people who either had no sense of strategy, tactics, or ettiquette, or didn’t give a tinker’s damn about it. Blind invites, reckless charges across a roomful of mobs, bail on the party when things got tough, all that good stuff. Good thing loot didn’t drop, or you’d probably get ninja looted too.

  5. I tend to respond in kind – if I am busy and I get a blind invite, I feel I am allowed to decline without reason… and I usually do.

    What really gets my knickers in a knot is when then re-invite not 10 seconds after I’ve declined. That really chaps my ass.

    So – in those cases… what do I do? I usually join their team for a brief moment and ask them what the hell their problem is. I often shoot comments regarding ADD and the likes for kicks and giggles, and just because I am lazy by nature I’ve macroed my favorites.

    Hey, you might repeatedly blind invite me to your very own team some day… only then may you get to see one or more of my great one liners! So come on all you blind-invite fools out there, blind invite me to your team today!

    RE: People are broken – sooo soo very true, Ethic.

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