ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] Well, it’s almost over now. AC2 is closing down on the 30th of December. What’s left to do?

For one, you can read Wired’s article, “Not With a Bang but a Whimper”, here (thanks to Inhibit for sending me the link). Or, if you still have an account like I do, you can get boosted to the max level which is 150 and go fight two Tyrants at one time in East Gevoth or perhaps go fight Ahria Queen of Night.

But mostly it is just another MMO to go down the tubes. Lots of things went wrong and some went right. Lessons will have hopefully been learned.

Current AC2 players have been invited to DDO’s beta, so all is not lost. Yes, they sent me one so I guess they want me to stop playing AC2 now? Anyway, I’m planning to be there when they pull the plug, to see if they have any inspiration left or if they will do just that – pull the plug.


– Ethic

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3 thoughts on “Whimper”

  1. It’s always sad to see an MMOG go down. It’s especially sad when I see a game with a lot of good memories die out. AC2 had some merit, and I met some great people in that game who I still play games with today. It’s just too bad that it has to fizzle out.

    Perhaps they’ll do a big event like they did at the end of AC and AC2 Beta. They should at least go out with some sort of bang so it can be remembered fondly rather than wither away in our subconscious. After all, they have more games coming out and have a reputation to uphold.

  2. Grr…wanted to have a look at this, but my account is hopelessly tangled up with an MSN .Net Passport thingey that I can’t remember the login for, let alone the password. Then there’s about two years of back-patching. Oh well.

    I used to have an AC1 account to, and that went the same way – lost with the old MSN Gaming Zone login it was tied to. All very irritating.

    Just have to experience The End vicariously through you folks then :)

  3. “Lessons will have hopefully been learned.”

    He who actually needs to learn them probably has not.

    I said more, but deleted it. There’s no point. My second child was stolen and beaten to death, and I can do no more about it now than I could then.

    You want to know bitterness, be a dev who cares about the game.

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