Asheron’s Call 2 Memories

ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] First off, the people. The community of AC2 players was amazing. I’ve seen nothing like it before or since.


The “end of beta” Tyrant assault on Molworth and Cragstone (they attacked all the cities, but these were the ones I was at). Running through the vaults (Arwic, Lost Wish, Esper, etc.) in the beginning as a group. Looking up at the rain hitting an invisible “floor” above me. Leveling just by running through portals and clicking on obelisks (crazy run buff too). Fueling the forges for crafters. Chat, or should I say no chat. Tou Tou Vault – argh the jumping. Cragstone Excavation (fighting the crowd for medallion pieces). Ghost Mines. Lady Aerfalle. Olthoi and Olthoi mounds. Lady Silva. Tyrants Loft and Lord Deimos. The White Rabbit. Becoming a Hero. Icefire, Boots, and Mage Academy. Gurogs and Buruns.

Singularity Troves. Poor empty Shinoko. Tyrant armor. Tacticians setting up forts with walls and turrets to hunt for hours. Playing the game with no sound for months to reduce lag. Rubberbanding – All The Time. Gaining XP doing nothing in a safe spot while someone else far away was hunting (Fet incursions!). Perching. Ebon mana. Failed turret summons and waiting for the cooldown. Dye plants. Being able to cross the lakes when they froze over. Tumerok Melee Healer. The original beginner zones. The risky run to Drudge Citadel. Patch Day. Palisades (run to E. Gevoth). Tyrant bowl. Vitae healing bots. Feral Intendants and the constant class changes. Groups of people playing music together. The mount quests.

I’m sure I’m missing some of the good times, any other former players have some memories to share? Oops, I forgot there were only 12 of us playing.

– Ethic

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  1. Good write up :)

    My worst memory would be the $200 RAM upgrade to get rid of “some” lag. Never heard about the “no sound to reduce lag” trick though.

    My best memory was my little sandies… getting stuck everywhere. They grew up with the patches, but I felt like a new father teaching my children to walk :)

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