Merry Christmas from EVE

EVE[EVE Online] I apparently picked the right day to resubscribe. Logging in this afternoon, something new appeared in my inventory, presumably during the morning’s downtime:
EVE snowballs
(click to enlarge) Spaceship-based snowball fights. Go team!

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from EVE”

  1. Too funny. Have you fired it? What are the effects? Any CONCORD response? How many snowballs did you get and can you buy/make more? I did not see these in my inventory, but I may not have looked close enough.

  2. I have not fired it. Zxyrox reports no Concord response. 100 snowballs, and I have no idea who to get more, but a snowball blueprint sounds like a fun notion. They appeared in the station where I logged in.

  3. Okay, someone shot me. Big puffs like fireworks, no other apparent effect. Kind of worrisome to have random people open fire on you. “Gah, I’m under attack!”

  4. I’m seeing a serious potential for exploitation here… go into 1.0, and start firing away on people. Someone is bound to be fooled into shooting back with real ammo, and get ganked by Concord. Hope that is not the case.

  5. Already multiple GM petitions from people who shot back and were blown to shit in Empire space, merry christmas!

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