Same Character, Different Game

EVE[EVE Online] I seem to have three characters, which I play across a number of games. As I have mentioned, I tend towards healers and support classes. In City of Heroes, I have two level 50 Defenders, and my highest level villain is a Thermal Radiation Corruptor (buffer/healer). I have the name Zubon reserved as a Defender on almost every server. My second character is a mage/blaster/whatever they are called in your game: the glass cannon. My third character is the pet class. Ideally you combine them, so my Dark Age of Camelot character was a Theurgist (nuking mage with buffs and quasi-pets).

Flying around EVE Online while my superhero wife worked on hitting level 50, I contemplated EVE drones and CoV Masterminds, since both of my current main characters in CoV are Masterminds. When I am not playing the game where my henchmen destroy my enemies for me, I play the game where my drones destroy my enemies for me. I seem to have turned the two most polar opposite games out there into the same game. That feels really weird.

On the other hand, I am posting during combat, so there are advantages to playing this way.

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  1. The Mastermind in CoV is the first pet class I have ever enjoyed. Generally I stay far away from them. Sure, Feral Intendants in AC2 had pets, and I played that – but I hardly think of that class as a pet class.

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