EVE Gets Serious

EVE[EVE Online] “Human Cattle” is a tier II Gallente mission chain in EVE, and it has some of the hardest missions I have ever seen. Granted, I am not optimized for heavy combat, but that ambush that started with blowing off half my shields was rough.

The missions get progressively harder, such that I was frequently destroying one target, fleeing to repair my hull, then going back. Then I got to the last area. Those big red crosses are all really big ships. The smaller ones I can solo, given time, if there are only two or three of them.
Human Cattle 1 My ship is at that angle because I am getting out of Dodge. And now the real picture…

Human Cattle 2 So that is the enemy. I immediately left, since my contact just told me to go as deep as I could. That’s where I stop. He sent me back. (The trick, I discovered, is that I only need to blow up that closest ship. A little box was supposed to pop up and tell me that. It did not. Yay forums!)

Later that day, I went back to my contact and got a mission to kill some rats. Second mission in the queue: Human Cattle (1 of 5).

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “EVE Gets Serious”

  1. OMG!
    Get someone to help you clear that mission. Or three guys. That’s like 14 Battleships – a lot of money and quality loot to just leave there :)

  2. Having had a second run at it: things are much easier if you already know exactly what you are doing. Also, repeated attempts to clear that last mission taught me what was optimal for my current ship under my current skills (or close enough to it), so things blew up more quickly.

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