The End Begins (And Ends)

ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] Today is the last day for Asheron’s Call 2 and I have the day off from work. Therefore, I will try to play as much as I can today to see how they say goodbye. There has not really been a lot of news out of Turbine regarding any plans they may have, so to be honest my expectations are low.

Here is the first update of the morning. The red X means “offline”.

Checking with the official forums, I find this update from Calandryll:

Hey folks,

Just to let you know, the AC2 servers are not supposed to be down. We are working to bring them back up now.
-Jonathan “Calandryll” Hanna

The servers came back online and I was sitting at my character selection screen. Talk about a lot of characters. Due to server mergers and such, we ended up with 20 character slots. Check out my army of alts.

We have been given some gifts, one of which is an egg you can use to teleport anywhere in the game world. Someone shouted out the location of an admin area, so off I went. It was in the middle of nowhere, literally. Once there, I noticed a door and some levers. This is going to be cool, I just can’t imagine what great toys the devs have out here.

I pulled the lever. The door opened. I went through. Nothing happened. Oh well.

I was told to make sure that I jumped while here, so I did. Gravity is very light out here, wee!

I kept going up. To the moon!

But what goes up, usually comes down. So, I had to swim back.

We all stocked up on goodies like teleportation eggs, XP eggs, and vitae healing eggs – found in Encomium’s Chests all about the land.

Some people found creative ways to say goodbye. Some people just bowed in silent reflection.

The server I call home, Frostfell, crashed a few times so I ended up on Thistledown for a while. There was a tyrant attack on various locations, involving Lord Deimos and Lady Silva.

We gathered up on top of Deru Tree for a party with Ramen. Pretty good crowd showed up. I even played the drums to join in the motley band.

Back to Frostfell finally, we were attacked by a bunch of giant bugs.

I waved goodbye as I headed out to my final spot, which I called Goodbye Peak.

I watched the sunset and then I switched into my good armor and sun shades.

Prepared for the big event, we get the following message. T-minus 2 minutes. Then 1 minute 30 seconds. Followed by 1 minute. 30 seconds. NOW!

We were all logged out automatically, back into portal space for good.

The End.

A final note from Turbine:

December 30, 2005

Empyrean magic has once again fled this world. The battle for Dereth continues on a different plane now. As his final act in this realm, Asheron sealed every portal to contain the expanding horde and protect what is left of the races who called Dereth home.

As of December 30, 2005 the AC2 service is no longer available. Turbine and the AC2 development team would like to express our thanks to the many players who’ve been part of Asheron’s Call 2 over the years. We hope you’ve had as much fun playing the game as we did creating it for you.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a place you’ve called home, but we hope to see all of you in Turbine’s other worlds.

I’m actually feeling depressed, weird.

– Ethic

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  1. I’d love to see AC2 Open Sourced (highly unlikely) or sold to an indie house (ala, Meridian 59 and Near Death Studios or Horizons and Tulga). I hate to see the codebase and the work that went into creating the world go to waste.

  2. I’m afraid the code might be something Turbine will need to protect, as I suspect that DDO and MEO is based on the same code somewhat.

  3. wow, that is kinda sad…that game meant a lot to me even though I only played it for the first 8 months or so…

    I jumped in a few months ago and felt so odd, I didn’t play much cause none of my friends were there, but it just felt right to be running around with my lugie…


  4. And so it ends.

    Fittingly, it ends the way it all begins: in portal space.

    Nice look for the end of all days.

    Goodbye Dereth of the future. Dereth of the present days rocks on.

  5. =( alaphforce, I would love to see such a server surface, but don’t want to get my hopes up. As for Turbine handing the codebase over to someone else, it doesn’t seem like something that will happen either. I’d be quite happy if I were wrong though.

  6. “I’m actually feeling depressed, weird.

    – Ethic ”

    it makes me depressed to see ac2 die, and i never even played it. which seems even more weird to me.

  7. “it makes me depressed to see ac2 die, and i never even played it. which seems even more weird to me.”

    I logged on and had a trial account for about a week. This post made me a bit sad too. It’s a virtual apocalypse. A place that thousands of people spent parts of their life no longer exists. The sudden halt in existence seems to be something the human psyche finds discomforting, be it real, virtual, a person, place, or thing.

  8. it is sad, really but look on the brightside! Turbine will hit bankruptcy at about 2009 or 2008, then someone will buy it! I would strip the whole AC thing down to the graphics, lore and gameplay of AC2, have all islands, monsters, ect. make Drudges, Humans, Tonks, Lugies, Empyreans and hell add Virindi, Shadows and Celestial Elementals (Order), change to Crafting 1.0 but also keep the tinkering, spellcrafting, ect…DDO and MEO can stay but also give AC a new name something catchy like: The Portal Worlds, or something stupid but at least give it back to us, maybe Microsoft Gaming Studios can steal it bac, F**k turbine, make a new team and we will be happy again

  9. I only played for the open beta, but I liked it quite a bit. Your mention of playing the drums reminded me of the cool music feature in the game.

    Found this post on Wikipedia this morning and thought it was great.

  10. Never played AC or AC2 but EQ for 5 years. As I left the game I felt quite sad for a while and reading about the end of AC2 for a player who cared makes me feel sad again, for him, for the world he lost, for the world I quit. Strange, these virtual worlds…

  11. played AC2 from beta to allmost the end and i still miss it now , would love to be able to install on my own private server but lets face it that will never happen so now all im left with are all the friends i made (some of whom i am currently playing WOW with) and lots of good memories…

  12. AC2 was my best gaming experience ever. The graphics were amazing. I will never get the feeling I got when I entered an “undead” area at night. I played the game for about half a year. Then I decided to play other MMORPG’s for a while and to return to AC2 when there was lots of new content. Unfortunately, when I wanted to make my comeback to AC2, I received the news about the end of the game.

    I decided to play WOW because it seemed pointless to return to my first love :). A decision I now deeply regret. Seriously, I’d give 20$ now if i could wander around one last day in the beautifull scenery of AC2.

    I really hope that Turbine will reopen an AC2-server for one month (free trial). Depending on the succes, they could decide to extend the period to a year and charge a monthly fee.

  13. Well i played eq from day one till now. And i udnerstand how all of you feel. i know i would be devestated if eq went down. I found out about this game from a friend giveing me the game today, i was going to load it up and give her a shot. IT lookd so niceon the box alone. I know i did not experiance it now i wish i did. they should never hold codes back once they crash people poor lives in to these games and it becomes apart of them. like eq for me i can remeber how to walk from one side of the world to the other the short cuts the long cuts. where to avoid things to kill. And i am sure all of you do the same for ac2. Lets hope we can get this game back up.

  14. There was something about this game that made it different from all other mmorpgs. I don’t know what it was that made it this way, but I miss it. I miss the sky, and the sound your character made when you jumped. The game was great.

  15. I am sure it was diffrent. the book alone witht eh game spoke wonders to me. though i geuse all godo things do have to end..
    hellz no they should release teh codes!

  16. God I miss AC2. The friends alone that I made in this game…
    I would love to see this open sourced, but as I think Turbine used AC2 as a building block for their current engine, it won’t happen. Maybe once they neglect a few more games and drive them into the ground go bankrupt someone can snag the code at the auction!

    There has been no game since that has captured a “feel” so much… AC2 had such character, even with the issues, that you can’t help but have a fondness in your heart for it. Yeah, it had problems on the server/service side, but that didn’t make what was there and functioning any less great.

  17. it’s a shame…

    I understand the financial problems involving turbine releasing the codes.. but as long as we don’t make money out of it it shouldn’t matter.
    they can sue anybody who does make money on it imo

    i pray every night.

  18. OKAY WTF! Asherons call you can still play but not 2? WTF is this i fidn it a bit depressing ia m sure there are many of peopel whom would want to coem back if given the chance. but this is nuts….honestly i jsut can not seemt o wrap my head around this one. I think we should g o publicly protest or something for there stuipidity… Or mabey they are holdign back in hopesof useign it to save there company?

  19. Hey everyone who is depressed about AC2 shutting down I am sorry honestly I played AC, not 2, but anyway AC is still around you should bring back your old accounts for long ago players and make new ones for people that never played AC because it is still allot of fun and there are tons of people willing to help new players.

  20. AC was/is a much better game IMO. AC2 was fresh and original but died because it was too different to pick up the AC1 player base and not engaging and intriguing to compete with World of Warcraft. If this game was still around i am sure i would have a few characters stashed for a rainy day. Let’s face it, it sure beats allot of the other mmorgs still up and running.

  21. Good post,

    Played EQ many years back (37 woodelf druid daktrell ), Diablo II battlenet(87 zeal paladin chaos marauder), WoW (lvl 60 troll rogue tani), and now guild wars (torsion shockwave, art of rolling).

    And it is sad when apocalypse hits, or zones begin emptying. But there is always another world with the same people playing behind the characters, my suggestion is move on when people start leaving.

    Remember that there is a feeling the exact opposite of virtual apocalypse…and thats virtual creation…the feeling you get the first day you take home that new MMORPG you’ve been waiting for and turn it on running around with all the other lvl 1 noobs seeing who can get to lvl 10 first.

  22. nostalgic, I think ac2 inspired the talent trees in WoW if you remember? Those were some fun days even though I played AC more than AC2. Tried AC2 but it wasn’t as good as AC, when I went back AC already lost a lot of peeps and wasn’t as fun anymore.

    Nothing can compare to your first mmorpg can it? :p

  23. Hey, at least they left the Ultimate Home Recycling Unit for the crows.

  24. I played AC2 after the coldeve frostfell merge. Joined an alliance my buddy found and we were the mighty Hobos!!!! (maybe some of you remember us on frostfell, The Hobo Liberation Front) We were the ones that caught crap everyday because our leader was a dev for turbine and they thought we got special treatment, but we never did! Empath knew better heh

    I have played a BUNCH of mmorpgs for substantial amounts of time and have NEVER had the same relationships as in AC2. I think most of the RPG Kiddies got discouraged and left the game after a week or a month because they couldn’t fast teleport all over the entire world as easily as some others.

    In the end, it is very sad to see AC2 go, but it’s like someone else posted, Nothing compares to your first mmorpg. With AC2 I could STILL tell you exactly how to get from one place to another across the entire world, and could tell you where you could solo hunt with a nuker enchanter with no pets from level 1 to around 78.

    I could go over countless PvP stories all very VERY fun times, the game was so damn awesome and turbine just got greedy and wasn’t making as much as they wanted (may not be as true as I want, but I don’t give a S**t, they just needed to focus a bit more time on it and it woulda come out fine)

    With that, I will leave any frostfell toons with this message,

    /mooseflex … from the creator of the /mooseflex bind macro the one and true Tummie B O Y and Chantin M A N, shouts to Domonkasshu who convinced me to stop playing ac2 trials and finally buy the game! I will never regret it, and we will never forget!

    /bow *tear*

  25. wow

    that was a great and memory driven article… i miss ac2 so much …the friendships i built there lasted after ac2 not like in wow where seems like everyone is raid driven or gear driven…

    as i write this through tears i have one question…. is anyones boots timer up and if so can i get a group?

  26. HA! Wow, July 4th Stza. I love that people are still talking about this game. It was my first MMORPG and I’m still cruising websites hoping there will be news about a server somewhere (legal or not). I just want to play this game again. I have all my disks even legions and all my cards. I even still have the shirt I won for the fan fiction contest. AGH I’d play this game always and forever. I’d pay 30$ a month to play this game.

  27. man, i still miss ac2. found this thread while googling to see if anyone had made an open server or anything, that’s how nostalgic i was feeling :P well, i guess we can all hope for an ac3 one day…

  28. Thank you for this brilliant post.

    I played on the Dawnsong server for nearly two years, and like many AC2 was the worst MMO I played. Sadly no online game will ever be as good as Asheron’s call 2, at least to me.

    From real life meets with guild mates, to late night KvK at Palisade or
    just random chatter at East Gevoth; I had the time of my life. And for that I am very grateful.

  29. Found this in Wiki, Loved this game very much, sad we lost it to the pages of history.

  30. Ahh, Asheron’s Call 2 – still my fondest memories. Soclaim server! Played RPGs for years (still play Dragonrealms off and on since ’97), but AC2 had a real special “feel” to it.

    It was before the “Chinese farmers” it was before a lot of the “dancing naked paladins” and other great things you get in the big commercial success MMORPGs.

    AC2 lacked quite a bit in content and direction. But it had the best community I’ve ever seen in an MMORPG. I played from the very beginning for about a year and regret that I never came back.

    On the other hand, I have nothing but fond memories of a huge number of popular and private locations that I find myself thinking about every now and then, and those that I met there. Wherever they’ve gone.

  31. I’m really depressed to see ac2 die i tried replacing it with other games but none really worked out for me, it really sucks to not have anything to go back to i hope someday it might come back but for now i dont have anything to do in the gaming world so i gave my salute to the end or ac2.

    man……. >:(

    __Fit Boy

  32. I forgot to mention that after all the complaints ive seen on this and other websites im pretty sure turbine made a mistake in shutting this down. i mean a really BIG mistake. So….. if they ever start it up again id be pretty happy and turbine would probly go upward in money instead of down like they think…..

    ___Fit Boy

  33. Oh and did i mention turbine is pretty stpid for not having a phone # on their home page i mean seriously they should have a complaint section so we could try to knock some sense ito em am i right???

    __Fit Boy

  34. The best mmorpg ever made! had every thing..environment, best graphic and animation ever seen on any mmorpg!.. the feel of playging this game and running around with a shinning mounting looking for black dies to..or waiting for your timer quest/vault to be ready..

    Question to Turbine..why make this crapy DDO game? it is not half the
    mmorpg AC2 was..? why why why…

    look at 2moons…it have very much many of the same style as AC2..arcade combat, unique loot drops… but..AC2 was still better..better sky, ..why why why..i cry..i miss AC2..

  35. Can some one send a waroth to Turbine and knock there heads back run there server up again..i am pretty sure they have backup of it..

  36. AC2, the best memories I have experienced in a game. From friends in Harvestgain/Thistledown to mob hunting, tyrants, Palisade runs with Shadow and the Dominion portal ganking etc lol. Yes, I remembered getting portal ganked by a level 50 Elem Luggy and his pets lol. I remember my friend Boomhauer was a member of the Shadow Kingdom suggested a join a faction, well I like the Shadow ideas and joined them also because of him, so back then to get to Linvak hunting grounds we liked there was no easy way but to take Palisade ring ways blah lol. Aw, the good old days :)I remember not sleeping cause I wanted to level that I will get home, shower, open up a 2 litter of Coca Cola, one pack of smokes and snacks to run another hourly marathon. I remember when hero came out the search for those stupid frags killed me (No sleep)I never got super high character wise in the game (Soliturna) my main was only level 59 Ranger (Nocturnas) was a FI level 59 as well and my Sorcy was 58 when they pulled the plug. I am not a saint, I tried FFII, SWG, Horizons, Earth and Beyond and WOW (WOW) at least 5 times, hate it can’t stand it. And of course the game that replaced AC2 for me Lineage II. Most peeps from my old AC2 clan are still playing it, I cancelled two weeks ago, because I got sick of open PVP finally and made too many enemies in the long run. I started playing Everquest II about four months ago and love it now, still learning a lot because of the huge content in game, but really gives me a AC2 feeling that the previous games didn’t. I play in Najena. As for LOTR and DDO. Well, DDO I am happy is a fail effort! Sorries Turbine and I am glad LOTR didn’t have much of huge lunch as Turbine made out. (I got friends in the business) whatever is out was a lie from Turbine yet again. I will NOT support them one bit and I was invited to both Beta’s LOTR is a WOW rip off and DDO can’t even think of it. But I do hope Turbine understands the damage they did to themselves by not working with the customers on possible solutions to keep AC2 alive. What the CEO of Turbine needs to do is make gaming history by bringing back a true gaming legend AC2 was, give us a server and most of all will not mind paying $15.00 a month if money is the issue. Hope is lost, but so is Turbine….

  37. Why not make a webpage Turbine.. were ppl can donate for a server hosting. If there be enough donation..make it happen..Some ppl are just
    to stubborn, to even to say yes to easy money.. I really hope Turbine didn’t sell the game code to Microsoft.. I remember turbine had some problems with Microsoft and billing handling..not sure if this was one of the reason for the game to stop?

    The interest for mmorpg is bigger now because of wow.. so..with some good marketing..only way i can see easy money..

  38. man i loved being a fender….somebody please figure out a way for private server.

  39. I found this on wiki too. Seems youll get a few more hits this way.

    I agree AC was a unique game for its time, but eventually we were inundated with mmorpgs. Fortunately as one of the first, AC had perhaps the best community. It was at a time when people cared because they couldnt just pk then leave for another server etc..

    They were excellent times, part of me would like to see AC back, but the other says perhaps its best left alone, because we were privilidgeed to be part of some of the best times in any mmorpg.

  40. I’ve been playing it only for a month when it’s been released because my computer was crap… And I can tell you after playing tons of mmorpgs and wow for 2 years, that you’ll never find such an environment. The graphics were amazing at this time and you could really feel the game storyline trough all the zones… You could keep exploring the areas and never get bored because the world was so beautifull…
    Now I think i’ll just be happy because I was one of the FEW dudes who played such a real mmoRPG. Be proud to keep those memories forever, AC2 is worth being remembered.

  41. I so miss AC2. Private server anything please!!! When I don’t play WoW for 6 months the fun lingers but no were near as much as I long for AC2. Every month atleast once I think of it and the people. Seriously the best community ever. Thanks all!! Turbine bring it back, bring it back!!!

  42. Like all of the comments posted earlier, AC2 will forever be the best MMORPG experience I have ever had. Props to Zero-Consequences (Coma & Neon Night Shade) I’ll forever miss you guys.

    And for the record, the Raider will remain forever peerless.

  43. Ermm…why is everyone so down? Asheron’s Call is still up and running, though AC2 isn’t…

  44. Dan: pretty big difference from AC with graphics from the last century (don’t get me wrong i love Lego :P) .. and AC2 that had very high graphics and content..

  45. Just want to say that I also truly miss this game :/
    Found this page through wiki btw.
    The world in AC2 was just felt so free. I play Lotro now but there you feel like you are in a big cage. You cant just run around and explore freely like in ac2.
    I would not hesitate a millisecond if there would be a revived server for this game. Let us all start from level 1 again.
    As previously suggested it could be something like the station pass SoE has, several games in one package. Lotro, Ac2, AC1, DDO for 30 dollars a month.
    Every time I see a screenshot or just think of AC2 I get all soft and almost want to start crying :/
    Well I really hope for a revive of this game. Come on Turbine!! Get started on a new server!!

  46. Sheesh, I played AC2 from Beta right up to the end.
    It was fantastic world and I sorely miss it. Again, I have played many MMORPGs and i can not find the same…emotion..feeling I had while playing AC2.

    Solclaim was my home for a looong time. I would definately hand out money to play that game again. Heck, I even remember having to swim to some island during beta with all me fellows, group killing high levels mobs from a distance..We couldn’t get there any other way back then. -sigh-

    Revive AC2!

  47. more i read here..more tears i get in my eyes.. There is no other MMORPGs like AC2…AC2 was THE mmorpg..i played Anarchy online for like 4 years before i started to play AC2..i think AO wow and AC2 are the biggest MMORPGs..but like Oreldwin here put it so nicely “emotional feeling” when playing AC2 was really catching..

    In what MMORPG can you jump from ranged attacks?

    in what MMORPG can you get “knock back” miles away from a warroth monster..

    In what MMORPG can you have time recharged quest..were you cud jump strate in to action and get some descent xp and FUN!!

    Asheron’s Call 2 was the king of all MMORPGs!!! there is simply no other out there that can give you the same feeling!! A world that catches your soul in just few sec……..

    Right now i play 2moons…but its not a real emotional flow.. might turn back to AO again….wow is just to plane..and graphics to simple and old.

  48. I have the Dvd box right here in my hand with tittle “Asheron’s Call 2 fallen kingdom, the next gen mmorpg”.. its a strange feeling to hold it in my hand..knowing all the nice design and content are inside can’t play it any more.. i remember i had to order it from outside my country because it was nobody selling it in my country when it first came out…When i finely got was like the time froze to ice.

  49. Fun times AC2 was, sad that I didn’t stick with it longer. Don’t really know how much you miss something until it’s really gone. Lots of fond memories, life-long friends made, and overall a great time had.

    I hear there’s a private server in the works, but I’m not so sure how long it’s going to take before people can start playing it. From the sounds of it, the game itself is there, but everything has to be written from scratch. Would be neat if it got off the ground though. Not holding my breath sadly.

    As for the franchise, I’d love to see an updated AC made sometime in the future, but not expecting it to happen. AC1 is just too old, and far too much has happened for me to be interested in it itself anylonger.

    Ah well.

    Oh, and hey Oreldwin, I remember you from early beta. Nice to hear you ended up on Solclaim,

  50. I found this via the wikipedia entry too. I just can’t fathom what it would be like to have a game go offline like that. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually to Blizzard’s juggernaut that I play quite a bit though.

  51. AC2 was so enjoyable. I yearn to run through old dereth, and to chat with people that had their OWN credit cards. Sniff Sniff, damn you Turbine! DDO and LOTRO are horrible games. Still…after hundreds of dollars later…I still want AC2 =(. I wish Turbine let me in secret server, I would donate for a private server. =(

  52. I have the box in my hands and I agree with Zonaxo… it’s strange to know almost everything is in these cds but you can’t play it anymore. And it is true that you never know how much it’s important to you until it’s gone. AC2 was a great game and could have been better with time. Turbine did make a mistake.
    Well, I’d love to see it back, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Maybe one day… AC3 ? :)

  53. Asheron’s Call was my first MMORPG. A friend that had played AC beta-tested AC2, but said he really couldn’t get into it. We’ve since moved on to other games.

    I downloaded the trial account to AC2 and never signed in – then one day I saw that they were shutting it down. It’s great that this site is still available in rememberance of a game that some people did enjoy. I hate to see an MMO die, and I wish they would have at least allowed players to run their own servers. How much work would that have taken for them to do that?!

  54. I played AC2 since the beginning…nothing like throwing down turrets and watching them go to town. I remember when my first mirra dropped, I remember the feeling of becoming a hero. I still have screen shots. If I ever came across a million dollars, I would find a way to open this game back up and let it ride no matter the server population.


  55. Well Deathstrike, if you do that. you might be able to even earn some money on it, because i am pretty sire the population wont be that bad, there are many mmorpg out there to day, ppl like to try out different ones to see witch is best, AC2 are still the best for many, graphics and content wise..

  56. Never played AC2, only AC, had to give it up cause it was recking my life, jus living to play. Sounds like i shudda givin it a try.
    I remember AC beta, i never had so much fun. Then i switched to darktide on release, a world that was terrifying and ruthless. Everywhere you went was dangerous, you would get killed hunting, shopping, killed when you’re almost at the end of long quest, your ‘friend’ would kill you over and over, then never speak to you again. Your enemy might give back some item that you had worked for weeks to get, or you might kill someone twice your level, loot them and spit on their corpse lol. I dont spose ill find that kind excitement again, the joy, anger, depression, fear and blood lust. Its been about 5 years, i still miss it. The worlds all seem shallower now, more ‘user friendly’ (gag). If anyone knows a game where ‘anything goes’ plz post it. Guildwars is good pvp, but theres no soul to it.
    Props to all who made these games great, one day it may happen again, although i dont think my wife would like that ;).
    p.s. Shout outs to Zedd-Zan, take care buddy.

  57. I wasn’t there when AC2 came down… but I was there when it was up. I had an account in AC2 for about 2 months and played a Lugian Raider named Jagermeister. I have a history of canceling and renewing accounts as I can’t afford to keep subscriptions to all the games I like. AC2 was one of the few I never went back to. In retrospect I am not sure if I should be happy that I avoided the pain of being told I couldn’t play a game that I enjoyed, or if I should regret not sticking around… this comes with the thought that maybe if just a few more people had kept playing, it wouldn’t have needed torn down.
    This was the first MMO that had been closed that I had played. The Realm and Asheron’s Call, both ancient in comparison are still floating around out there.
    Anyway, I am beginning to digress. This was very well written and the screen shots were great. A great tribute to a game born from high hopes and grand imaginations.

  58. Played for two years as a Lugian on Frostfell, still miss the game after another 2 years.

  59. oh man.. i so miss this game.. it was the best mmorpg ever. i hate all the mmorpg thats out now… asherons call 2 really was my kind of game.. really sad it went down the drain… hope theyre putting it back up sometime.. but doubt it :/ R.I.

  60. I played this game since beta and i loved it for the few years that it was out. Deff in the top 3 best games made. The damn chat server being down killed out most of the people but im sure a re-release would make Turbine some $$. Bring it back up guys!

    the “real” Eantos Larklight from Frostfell

  61. I am seeing all this content on this page and for 2 years i thought i was the only one who felt this way…i am playing wow , wishing AC2 was where i was really at..i mean cmon…who wants to be in undercity as an orc when i can be a lugian with Turrets at three trees(remember three trees?) cmon turbine please do your thing Asheron is weeping…..

  62. I miss AC2. I miss Darktide. I’m also playing WoW but mainly because most of my AC2 buddies are still playing WoW. I would love to see AC2 or a next generation game of the AC Franchise like AC3. I’m so tried for human, elves, dwarfs and orcs. I want my Lugians, Tumeroks, Empyreans and Drudges back!

  63. I hated it when tacticians were first nerfed, At that point I knew AC2 was doomed. I hate to say it, but they did it to themselves. Never nerf, make the weaker better. WOW followed this as well as COT/COV.

  64. i beta`d it, all the old school AC1 players told Turbine it sucked on the forums.. (kinda like the beta of SWG..)

    I bought the game (big mistake) and played it for a week or 2.

    Went back to AC1 and kept playing that till `06 (started in `99)

    AC2 was not worth the name Asherons Call

  65. “Dan: pretty big difference from AC with graphics from the last century (don’t get me wrong i love Lego :P) .. and AC2 that had very high graphics and content..”

    Graphics do not make a game good.. (see AC2..)

    AC1 is still a great game (to bad Wow stole most of the subscribers)

  66. I played Ac1 beta and Ac1 until Dec 2002 when i switched over to AC2…I rolled a Elem and Tact on Coldeve and butchered coutnless Order people…

    I found this on Wiki in hope of getting more people to a project…Khuanshar and InfernalX are part of it…a German coder from Dawnsong called Haraxx has started up a server emulator so we can get back in game :D

    So far you can play a lvl 60 something Tummy Hero and walk around the forge in Cavendo before you get the dead server message :(

    Go to and register there and then comes tears and nastolgia, well anticipation really for Demo v. 4 :D

  67. TheOneAxiom is right, come to this board, it’s a wonderful project :). AC2 is still breathing, hardly, but still !

  68. I’ve been around since AC1 beta, then AC1, then AC2 beta, then AC2 to the end….I’m amazed to see people still posting about AC2, which in my opinion was also the best MMORPG. Whether it was rediscovering the ruins of old Dereth, crafting for friends and guildies, or raiding with the Serpents of Darktide, I miss it all.

    Even more amazed to see character names that I remember posting here! I still play AC1 and it’s cool, but a totally different game. I know I’d donate to a project to get AC2 back up and running again, in addition to the monthly fee…but I don’t think they would ever do it.

  69. I’ve emailed Turbine several times about re-launching the AC2 via open source (yeah right) but figured it was worth a shot. I miss the fear on all of your faces when Zero-Consequences brought the rain in your hall. Shouts to Coma/Neon Night Shade!

  70. I never really played ac2, but i played ac. Im sad its been cut off cause i was thinking about trying it. i played morningthaw on ac1. i quit. the levels and names of my characters:
    Inferneon: level 63 axer
    Timebreaker:level 40 mage
    Olgotherelet:level 29 or 30 staffer

  71. I played AC2 up till about a month before it was shutdown. I started playing WOW with guild members from AC2. I heard talk of AC2 reopening its doors,is there any truth in that? I know that many of us will come back to AC2 from WOW in a heartbeat. best game ever!

    when the anoucement of ac2 shutting down i was like no way this is a sick joke. i saw the post for myself, i was crushed. the xpac just came out i had to drive 4 hours round trip to get the xpac. prolly a good reason the game had a low population. put the game in wal-mart end of bring it back and make it easy to buy and im not talking price i mean availabilty. I miss my lvl 75 zerker !!!!!

  72. Wow! This is amazing. I was sitting here perusing gaming sites and started looking at some of the sites from MMORPGs I own but haven’t played for quite a while. When I saw this listing on a Google search, I popped over to take a look. I am amazed that there are still posts about a game 16 months after its sad and untimely demise.

    I must admit that I actually never got around to playing AC2. I bought it with the intention of playing of course but had so many other games going I just never got started (dumb huh). When I heard about its apocalypse, I was saddened because I knew there were loyal players losing their ‘world’, and because I had missed out on a part of MMORPG history (small as it may be). As I type this, I’m looking at the box and strategy guide sandwiched between DAC and AC1.

    I can imagine how you all felt who played AC2 (especially those whose AC2 experience was their first taste of an MMO). I’d feel the same if EverQuest went under since I began my journey with it 2 weeks after its launch. I’ve since played many others… EQ2, AC1, UO, AO, DAC, LOTRO (currently), just to name a few! – and am now eyeing Sins of a Solar Empire for a change of pace, but I may need to revisit EQ for a while first after reading these posts. I’m feeling homesick.

    I sure do wish I would have loaded AC2 the day I purchased it. I think I missed out on something quite special.

  73. wow, reading this is kinda sad. I, too, would play this over any game out there, and i’ve tried alot to get that fun experience i felt with ac2. i miss tazzy. Serps of Darktide and R. Rabble 4ever ;)


  74. Although I had taken off before the close of the servers, due to RL, I do miss running around Dereth and down to CC to unload keys and stock up minerals/tools and let’s not forget the Dadd allegiance meetings that would only lead to a crash.
    Waiting on the day I can log back in to stoke the forges for a crafting fair with Billy, Jojo, BM and Momm =P.
    Granted the populations were low, we had such a quality community where other MMO’s still have yet to compare. It’ll be thanks to those quality people that we see it again someday. /pray

  75. I played WOW for a bit after AC2, but it was never the same. The community was much better in AC2. Plus, you could play as much or little as you wanted, and still be on par with most people (gamewise). It was a fun game, and I wish it would make a return.

    Korvin Korona
    Tumerok Zealot
    Shadow – Frostfell

  76. Wow, It’s funny how games like AC and AC2 get ruined.. I used to play AC with friends from the start, tried out AC2 beta with the same RL friend’s that played AC. I must say 1999 passed by pretty fast, and now I regret to see people downed by this… Including myself, God there doesn’t go a day that I don’t wish AC would come back the way the tree line was the way you made your char through the lvl’s is still to this day the best I have seen.

    I was talking with my buddy who played with me in AC and we couldn’t help say if AC would come back with the same tree basis for you char, but they added the graphics a game can have to this day.. No game would match it. Not WoW not AoC nothing.

    AC = my best game experience to this day almost 10 years later. that has to say something.

  77. My first MMO was World of Warcraft, and still love it to this day. I feel left out because i started on a new flashy MMO. i’ve always wanted to play those old MMO’s like eq and ac. Just to experience waht the first and best are like.

    Sorry to hear your end.

  78. Oh yeah, and my characters were from AC1. But i Started playing AC1 in 2007, so actually i started AC… *sob* i miss AC1 so Much! I cant play it anymore, but i play Diablo II (under account name Callom, main char name Heande, USEast Realm.) AH! I have an idea for a protest… For those who play AC1 on here, Log out for twelve hours. then go to Turbines building and start holding up signs that say “WE WANT ASHERON’S CALL 2 BACK!”. Oh ya and my chars are updated:

    Inferneon-Level 70 former axer, now xbower.

    Very sorry to hear AC2 died, and with all due respect,

  79. I got busy with life in early 2005 and unintentionally left of AC2. I’d alwasy planned to return but never managed. I was thinking about it recently, and what did I learn? I had no idea it had been shut down until today, nearly 3 years later. So sad!

    Ehrenguard, where have you gone?


  80. A warm tribute to my first MMO, and to the Legacy of Arnor and all friends in Ac2. Hail!

    Diablul, Lvl 70 Defender/Bounty Hunter

  81. I still remember when this message was broadcasted to the server: “The arcane energies of the Shrine of Transcendence have empowered Thoms. He is now a Hero!”
    That whole hero quest experience truely felt epic.

    I miss you Dawnsong… i miss you!

    (CE@crag anyone? ;))

  82. Dereth! omg! i will never forget these lands. Nice memories from there. The fear and the excitment of a ranger leaving out the refuge near Arwik for the very first adventure in her life.
    Was my first MMORPG, played in Dawnsong (Europe) and will never forget the best server community move i have ever seen. A couple of fridays (may be saturdays) almost the whole server was against Lord Deimos.It was great.

    Was really sad things were that bad.

  83. Asheron’s 2 was a killer game, WoW borrowed a lot from AC2.
    I would pay $30 a month to play this again, so fricking STUPID that once an MMO dies, you can never play it again. TURBINE cancel LOTRO and start up AC3!!!!

    Note: AC was on Morningthaw and guild AOD on AC2…sorry for portal camping everyone =(.

  84. AC2 had something that was so very special. It was hard, it felt like exploring, there were so many option trees that actually did interesting things that it felt new every time, and the developers actually played. I remember running into an area that was water above the land (a serious error that allowed you to swim above some walls) and a dev joined the group i was in swimming around in the water. Then he despawned it, and logged the issue. So much fun, so many good things.

    I wish I had been able to find that XPAC for the game before it folded. I still wish I had gotten enough points in my shadow tree to get the cool shadow based abilities. Yes, I have played many folded games and none still make me want to go back like AC2 does.

    Also, Roccus? AOD? oh, boy. Used to fight you guys all the time, was fantastic. Hated the portal camping, but turnabout was fair play too, and was grand.

  85. yes, i too loved asherons call. if only say, ea or ubisoft or blizzard bought it that would be great – ac3 would be wonderful.
    Lotro is played a lot. Turbine makes $$$$$$$. turbine doesnt care about
    -ddo (small, wierd, unimaginative)
    -asherons call one- (too bad graphics for the modern age)
    wish they made ac3, if it was made right it would be a wow killer

  86. Still my fondest MMOG memories come from AC2. The pace of AC2 was great. Whether you were playing the role of cat or mouse, the unrelenting open ranged PvP of DarkTide was exhilirating! Since I missed my opportunity to play at launch (which I heard was probably a good thing), I would love to start over as a L1 again on Darktide.

    To all AC2 faithful, I salute you all. Especially those from DarkTide that I knew best in Reciprocative (AKA Reciprocal) Rabble as well as our enemies alike.

  87. i was about to try to enter ac2, when i found out about they already shut down the game, i almost cry, i had a lot of friends there, this is a very sad time, i dont have words. lets get back to AC1

  88. Wow… I remember beta-testing this game… I loved it. It was still very incomplete, but it was still really fun. And the graphics were awesome. And like everyone said… the sky! It was just so awesome… I even have a screenshot sitting here on my computer. Ah, the memories… too bad I couldn’t find a way to pay for that game before it died, because I really wanted to come back eventually. I knew it died a while ago, but reading this, a tear comes to my eye… this must have been sad for everyone that stayed around until the very last minute. Heck, it’s sad even for me, who tried to help making this game better by testing…I wish it didn’t end up like that, because it deserved a much better fate. Hopefully, this will come back from the ashes in a form or another eventually, even if I highly doubt it. Sad, because I’d like to see that world once again. It was one of my first MMORPGs, and I’ll never forget it.

  89. I stopped playing due to my Tactician getting nerfed so bad I could not solo stuff under my level. AC2 made a lot of bad decisions and they caused this project to fail. Now they are attacking the faithful for their interest in bringing back a shadow of AC2. It is kind of sad that they cannot just let it go. I still miss AC2, but know that they would find a way to punish players for their lack of balance in their world. WOW were great at rebalancing without punishing the players too much, but AC2 was really heartless about it. Like a 3 year old not wanting to share, you have to play how he wants you to… period. I want AC2 back, but I don’t want Turbine to run it. A bitter-sweet farewell to the 1st of the “next gen MMORPG”.

  90. The greatest game experience ever for me was early AC1 (around 2000-2003), after that Turbine wrecked it.

    It was incredible, like reading Lord of the Rings for the first time – you surrendered to it. The addiction! The obsession!

    You don’t experience magic like that anymore.

  91. is there any news on the privot server for AC2?,i am still looking for a PS for AC1

  92. Has played many MMORPG, however, nothing of these approached only roughly AC2: It is absent in many plays simply the uniqueness what has put out AC2 thus. Has searched many forums for a private server for this, however, has never found one. If this play became very much with pleasure again to plays. As far as i me can still remind, called the German server Abendgrau . I had played on the one hand a FI Tumerok and a turret farmer. What cool Game if one thinks that one could still tear what with walls and pileworks. Does somebody know a possibility to let activate this Game again? Would be present absolutely!

  93. I miss this game, i really do. I played AC1 until about 2002, then came to AC2, loved it, met people i still talk to seven years later. People that have seen me grow up, people that i know.

    Korin (Spaceman Spiff before server merge), Ranger, Bounty Hunter, Enchanter, Defender, Hero of Dereth. Harvestgain. Shadow faction. The only Shadow in the Order of the Sacred Moon.

  94. I think they should revive this game with 2 servers and make money off of micro transactions like Turbine’s DDO does now.

    Put it on STEAM, charge 4.99 for the game, make a killing.

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