Happy New Year!

wow[World of Warcraft] Happy New Year everybody! Surprisingly, World of Warcraft will feature a special New Year’s Eve event (actually I think they had one last year, but much smaller in scope). That brings up the obvious question of who is going to spend New Year’s Eve in front of the computer…

Anyways, this is gonna be Blizzard’s last special event of the year. They had some minor ones like Easter Egg hunts and Fourth of July fireworks this year. Hallow’s End made its first appearance and was fairly fun, especially the trick or treating at inns. They brought back Winter Veil better than before. The only minor disappointment was the 1 year anniversary of WoW. EQ2 players got special titles and in game items while WoW players got nothing. Well, not exactely nothing. They had special drawings for graphics cards, but there were 30 winners out of their 5 million player base so… I didn’t win.

Here’s hoping the NYE event is a good one =) [Details here! Click me! Happy New Year!]

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  1. Heh, I guess there was the NYE party on WOW and then the NYD headaches that came along with overloaded servers from the Christmas rush, etc.

    I just started playing World of Warcraft, I’m on the 10 day free trial after my nephew got the game for Christmas. I have a blog up now too, to write about my newbie-like adventures :) I was hoping we could cross-link, you’ve got a great blog with a LOT of useful information!

    I’ve also got a blog about the MMORPG RuneScape that I still play if you’d like to cross-link there as well.

    Zul’jin / Silvermoon
    Troll Hunter / Night Elf Rogue

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