UltraCorps open alpha (limited offer)

[UltraCorps] For those interested in browser-based games, Steve Jackson Games just announced that UltraCorps will be having its first multi-player open alpha test. There will be slots for 393 players for a 20-day game. You can follow any of those links to get a bit more information.

This offer expires at 10:00pm, January 2, or when all 393 slots are full. If you are interested and miss this test run, more tests are likely to ensue before UltraCorps goes live.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “UltraCorps open alpha (limited offer)”

  1. Sci-fi galactic empire, turn-based and browser-based. Like a vastly simplified multiplayer version of Master of Orion. Build space armies, attack and defend, carve out your portion of the universe. Ally with other players, launch wars upon your neighbors.

    The single-player version did not excite me much, although there are some interesting toys in it. Maybe it will interest you. Or perhaps not.

  2. Full, it seems, but then you are probably reading this after 10pm on Monday. If at all. Move along, nothing to see here.

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