World of Waitcraft

wow[World of Warcraft] I figured I’d pop in to WoW for a little chat with my buddies tonight. 700 person queue, FU Blizzard.

So I figured I’d just pop into one of the other servers I have alts on and just do a little adventuring. 566 queue, 742 queue, 581 queue, on and on and on. Not a single server I can get on. FU Blizzard.

I sort the servers by population. All full except for about 20 PvP worlds that say medium. Nice planning, FU Blizzard.

What kind of a bullcrap operation they running over there? FU Blizzard.

I’m done. Where’s that Everquest II box?

– Ethic

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  1. Well, you know, you pay a monthly fee for something, you kind of like to be able to play it whenever you want. It’s a simple thing to ask really. It’d be different if that hasn’t being going on for over a year. I can get into every other game I play on the first shot. It’s no wonder I keep cancelling WoW. This time may be the last for a good while. I have too much other stuff going on to keep coming back and dealing with this crap.

  2. Both EQ2 and WoW are mediocre-to-poor games featuring bland content. You should really check out AC1 or DDO.

  3. You’re welcome to give EverQuest II a go if you haven’t already. I enjoy reading this blog and would appreciate seeing another one dissecting EQII. We are not evil. *waves his hands in mysterious ways* Seriously, though, give it a go soon if you haven’t.

    And on that note, I might recommend waiting to try it out again for a few more weeks before we get the new player progression path in, as outlined in Scott’s latest producer’s letter. See the “Classes and Cities” part for what I’m talking about. If you happen to not have a copy yet, KoS (the second expansion due out toward the end of February) will include the base game along with the expansion.

    Chastise away since I managed to make a friendly invite sound like an advertisement. Go me.

  4. WoW is popular… go figure. It’s unfortunate they have to use queues, but any other game that became as popular would have the exact same problems… and if they didn’t queue the servers would be crashing… and then what do you think we would have? Yep… everyone bitching instead of only those sitting in queues.

  5. I’m in the DDO beta, but of course cannot say more than that. I’m going to play around in the Trial of the Isle for a bit anyway, before I go opening up my EQ2 box. I played AC1 long enough and the graphics are just too bad for me to deal with it any more. I agree that MMOGs in general seem to have mediocre content, killing ten rats to advance gets so old so fast.

    I understand the popularity issue with WoW, perhaps that is why I hope that niche MMOGs become more popular. But still, figure out some way to let everyone that wants to play your game play it. Account caps would have solved a lot of these problems, don’t you think?

  6. Well, Eve online doesn’t have queues; although it does have lag problems at popular times of day and in popular systems and might benefit from a simultaneous user limit. I don’t think I’d bother playing a game with queues; queues just say “this is not for casual gamers like you, it’s for people who can be bothered to camp in the queue then play for hours”.

    Maybe games should ration time online per account instead; this would also be detrimental to 24/7 macroers and people powerlevelling for Ebay.

  7. to compare getting into wow vs any other game is a joke. of course you can get into any other game instantly, they don’t have anything close to the subs wow does.

    but in the end, if something displeases you, your money speaks louder than anything else. just stop paying blizzard.

  8. I pretty much left Argent Dawn last March when the lag in Ironforge got crazy. Occasionally trying to return there I’m always confronted with the queue.

    I’ve rolled some alts on Kirin Tor, another RP server, and that’s recently had queues.

    I have some alts on Frostmane, PvP server, and never had a queue there.

    I have my mains now on Smolderthorn, a PvP server, and that’s actually been Low Population since forever. (Low down on the alphabet I guess.)

    I’ve also rolled some toons on Emerald Dream, RP-PvP, no queues, and on Runetotem, which is a new PvE server. Might fill up quick though.

    Yeah, the queues suck. But I understand why they are inevitable.

  9. Some games have queues. It’s more visible in WoW due to popularity. But no game is 100% promised log-in all the time. None. Every and I do mean EVERY MMO I have ever played at one point either had me waiting in a queue to log-in (even happened in UO, if everyone was trying to log in at once) or told me to go away and come back later b/c the server is full. Eve has done the “world full, sorry” thing more than once.

    I used to be a queue basher. I still dont like them but I understand their need. It’s a bottle neck, that is not saying the game is unavailable, it’s just saying that you have to wait your turn b/c the authentication server can only handle so many attempted authentications per second.

  10. Inhibit, if it was just the authentication server, that would be one thing.

    Its not.

    And its the #1 reason I’ll never play WoW, despite the fun I had in the closed beta. I don’t pay money to stand around waiting in line, I pay to play.

    If you are happy to hand over money, and not get anything back for it, maybe I should start a Paypal account…

    And when did Eve have ‘world full, sorry’? Never seen it, never heard of it til your post. Unless the Eve servers are done, I have always been able to get right in.

  11. “I’m in the DDO beta, but of course cannot say more than that.”

    You can now! NDA was lifted today for us beta testers.

    You should try EQ2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better this game is than when it launched. It’s like a different game.

  12. For someone like me, that only gets X amount of time to play and when the beginning of that time involves a 30 minute wait to play, I’m not going to put up with it. I know other people don’t care and that’s wonderful for them. I do care and I’m not going to pay for it. I guess this just means I have to avoid popular mainstream MMOGs. Nothing wrong with that I guess.

  13. When I only have limited time, but I know in advance that I will have it, I just log in early, if there is a queue, I wait while I am doing other stuff and once I am in, I can AFK for 15-30 mins before I get booted. Harsh for people in queue I know, but it works for me.

  14. LtWarhound: I dont know what EvE you play… but the one I played it happened many times. If you have never seen it, you etiher stayed logged in more than I, or did not attempt to log as often.

    But it’s a fact, I have been kicked back from the login many times… with the message of “too many”. And this from a paying account, not the “Hey, come try us for 7 days you like us” accounts… about 30k subs online seems to be EvE’s limit….

    And yes… it is an authentication server thing with WoW… it’s how they set their system up. It’s not number of players on a specific server. It’s number of people trying to log onto a specific server.

    You go thru a login in server.. Name/PW… then your info is attempted to transfer to a specific server… but if too many people are trying to do that… you get a queue… not sure why this is hard to understand….

    Do I like it? no…. will it improve? most likely not… can we as a playerbase force an improvement? Of course… but not until we… the players/payers…. in a concerted effort do so. And the odds of that… are less than me finding some omgwtfbbqpwn!!!!!eleven purple epic on a rabbit….

  15. The WoW EU servers have had similar troubles since the patch…possibly the novelty will wear off sooner or later, once the Gates are open, and the new Raid Instances comprehensively mapped, analysed and thottbotted.

    It does annoy me that they continue, even after a year or more, to be shocked, suprised and not very well prepared, for their own success though.

  16. VanHemlock, I must agree. Blizzard seems wholely unprepared to deal with their success. Much more hardware should have been in place, and designs to limit who can access what server should have been there as well.

    But, after all…. this IS Blizzard we’re talking about. Not like it should be a shock. Heh

  17. I will second that every MMO has queues, EVE does infact have “world server full” at many times on me, infact, every major content patch and/or world event the server has been on a clog for a good part of a week, and often times on holidays and weekends i have gotten the same “world server full” message. Glad some people can say they haven’t, cant say the same for myself.

  18. Well, all that matters to me is *my* personal experience. WoW is the only game that has done this to me and thus why I can say a hearty FU to Blizzard. My money goes elsewhere. So far, EQ2 Trial of the Isle is fun fun fun and free free free. I’m beginning to accept that the MMO lifestyle may no longer be right for me. sigh

  19. lol, i refer you to my above topic, blizzards patch 4tw!!! honestly, ive not yet formed words to express my frustration..

  20. The problem is that I am busy. I have things going on. I have some time free up all of a sudden so I decide to go play. Queue stops me dead in the tracks. If I had scheduled time to play, perhaps I could log in 30 minutes early, but I don’t. And sometimes I just want to pop in to check something, like an auction. No dice. So it’s really a game-killing issue for me, and that’s ok. I cancelled my account and won’t likely come back unless something changes on their part. The only other game that gave me this level of frustration regarding just getting in to play whenever I wanted to was Anarchy Online. That game seemed to predict my desire to play and crashed just before I doubleclicked the icon. I have not yet once been denied play by EVE Online, even with over 20,000 people playing at the same time on the same “server”.

  21. Account is cancelled until they actually do something about the problem. If it is a permanent situation, then it’s a permanent cancel. Oh well, it was a fun game – just not available to me when I wanted it to be.

    I understand some people never encounter these problems and to them I say congratulations. It may just be a time zone thing, but whatever it is – it affects me and not you. Don’t invalidate my complaint because it doesn’t happen to you, I wish I could have the same experience you have. But the fact remains, I cannot log directly into the game when I want to. 5 minute queues I could even tolerate once and a while. WoW is just too popular for me I guess. That’s life.

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