10 thoughts on “World of Patchingsuckscraft”

  1. Again??? Cripes man. Yeah, after the last time you had to go thru this… I can see why you would hesitate to do so again.

  2. same error, “cannot find file checksum 4tw, looks like its eve for a while”……. and yes it does piss me off to no end..

  3. alright…im at the end of my rope here…filed a complaint to bliz in hope i will get something that isnt a canned responce… other then that….i really dont know what im going to do..

  4. Have you tried downloading the patch outside of the game? Or is the problem after the download? There are several places you can download the patch out there.

  5. Considering how bad the performance is after this last patch, they might be doing you a favor. If you spend hours getting back into the game and see the warping lagging nightmare that is WoW right now it’s possible you’d bust an artery on the spot.

  6. EQ2 was like a breath of fresh air, a clean spring breeze, and a return to the warm, comforting womb all in one.

    Seriously, it’s a different game than it was at release, and is a lot more accessible to the WoW and EQ1 crowd. I’d still be playing it today, ‘cept that I’m married and she asked to stop playing MMOs for a while, and I’m a sucker for wanting to stay married instead of levelling my ‘toons.

    Oh, and Monks are a ton of fun–a lot more enjoyable than my wussy Paladin.

    I miss some things about WoW, especially the “character” certain parts of the world have (like the Undercity) but I don’t miss levels 45-60 at all. The trip to 40 is so darned quick that before you know it, you’re in the grindy part of the game, and then in the dreaded endgame. Honestly, if you never picked up WoW again, you probably wouldn’t feel like you’re missing that much.

  7. I have friends and people i play with in WoW, the first time i played it i had no one on the new server i interacted with, and thats precicely why i quit the first time, i dont care how grindy or shitty the game is if i can at least enjoy myself and interact with my friends at the same time, one of the few reasons i havent clicked the cancel button on EVE. Im highly unlikely to cancel a game i know people in…

    (and to ethic’s responce, yes i took every step i did downloading the 1.9 patch including the 5 hour reinstall that always goes horribly wrong, everything they sugested on thier website, and everything ive done in the past, im beginning to wish the game never added any new content…)

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