Trial of the Isle: Scout

eq2[Everquest 2] I had to restart my scout as I just could not stand the high elf character model. I rerolled as a Ratonga, which is a rat-type of small humanoid character.

Ratongas have sonic vision. I did not really see any benefit to this, but I only tried it a little bit. Not sure how that is supposed to work. I’m curious to understand the point of these skills.

I had a lot of graphics problems, locking up on various occasions. Rolling back my drivers helped with that, but as a side effect I lost the red text outline on mob names which designates they will attack if you get near. Kind of sucked to lose that. I suppose I will do a full uninstall of my drivers and start over to see if it helps.

The scout has stealth ability and that worked pretty well, the speed of movement while stealthed (run speed buff is a nice bonus) was pretty quick so I liked that. I liked the visual effect of going into stealth, kind of like a phase shift. I saw some mobs being fought by something invisible, so I assumed it was a scout, but everytime I attacked I became visible again. Perhaps another graphics bug I was dealing with.

A suprise to me was to find out the scout quest line was different than the mage. Nice to have a little variety.

I played the scout up to level 6, and I really didn’t like it. It felt weaker than the mage, and it was not nearly as fun to watch fight. The mage is all about special effects. The scout attacks were quite boring in comparison. The scout had a rougher time with mobs than the mage. I miss my mage.

I don’t have much else to say, I really did not like the scout much.

I will continue with my Trial of the Isle, with Priest up next.

– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “Trial of the Isle: Scout”

  1. The various vision skills are really just for flavor. They’re not required but can be fun to use on occasion. I’ve only used them a handful of times in particularly dark zones. Don’t recall which one sonic vision is, so I can’t comment directly on what you should have been seeing.

    If you are having driver issues, there are threads in the Tech support forum that list recommended drivers to use. I had a problem starting out that affected how water was rendered that I solved using that forum.

    If you are using skills or autoattacking you should be visible, not sure what you were seeing with the mobs fighting something invisible…

  2. The complete uninstall of my drivers followed by a fresh install seems to have fixed all the issues I was having.

  3. Hmmm I never used stealth when I played a rat scout and didn’t know about the vision ability. Hmmm…

    Still debating a reinstall of the trial.

  4. You should wait till the next update (scheduled this week) to play the trial of refuge. The whole noobie experience is being revamped and eliminates the archetype system. You will now be able to pick your subclass right off the start (defiler, monk, gaurdian, assassin, etc). The beginner quests will have also been revamped at this point. Hope you like the game, I have enjoyed EQ2 very much.

  5. Barney, I am waiting for that. This is basically to do a little comparison – before I decide to play the game. So far, I plan to buy the expansion coming out in February and playing the live version, I am having a really good time.

    I did not realize the trial was being updated so soon, I thought that was part of the next expansion. Hmm. Looking forward to the next update then. I finished my priest last night and will work on the fighter in the next day or two.

  6. I assume that the downside to picking an archetype at the beginning will be that you don’t get to play a race/class combo that doesn’t belong to your side. That is, I couldn’t play an Iksar Monk unless I did it the hard, old fashioned way, complete with the betrayal quest. (Which I did, thank you very much.)

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