Trial of the Isle: Priest

eq2[Everquest 2] These impressions that I am getting of the classes are not really fair, as I assume the first 6 levels are not the defining levels for the class, but given that assumption – I will continue my observations and opinions.

Going back to the scout for a minute, I’m really bummed that the trial did not get me into any of the rogue type of abilities, but then I realized it is a scout and not a rogue at this time. Understanding that, perhaps I did not give scout a fair chance. The ability to track things was actually very cool (pull down menu shows things in the area, select one and a pathway appears before you) and I look forward to trying the class again in the next update.

Anyway, on to the priest. This is another class that really did not get defined in the first 6 levels for me. I did not heal myself or anyone else at all. It seemed to be a powerful enough solo class, but to be honest it played just like my mage so I really have nothing new to say about this class.

Again, the quest line was different so I liked that. But I guess I expected to be able to turn the skeletons in the graveyard or something like that, to make the class feel different. Keep in mind I do not know the lore of Everquest so perhaps I’m overlooking something.

My graphics problems did start acting up again, on a smaller scale. Not sure what is going on here. I do tech support for a living so I am well aware of the things to try, but so far no luck. I’ve read the forums and I’ve tried different drivers. It’s playable now, but it still locks up every once and a while and then my ATI panel comes up with a bug.

I’ll keep plugging away on it. Up next, the fighter.

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Trial of the Isle: Priest”

  1. My wife has that problem with her ATI card. It turns out that the NVidia GeForce chipset on her motherboard isn’t compatible with her Radeon, but it’s only really been a problem in WoW’s Badlands and occasionally in EQ2. I went to an older set of drivers, turned down the AGP multiplier, etc., but it still came down to an incompatibility in hardware that meant either a new motherboard or an NVidia graphics card.

  2. I don’t have problems with any other game, and I didn’t have problems until I updated my drivers so I assume it is related to a messy driver install.

    I plan to upgrade my gfx card soon anyway so perhaps the problem is not worth worrying about.

  3. I had a Radeon 9550, and experienced the “VPU Crashes” you are talking about. There is a specific thread in the Technical support forums on this issue. I downloaded the omega drivers (, and found that I experienced very little problems after that. Make sure to turn off the fast write and vpu recover settings. Sony’s recommendation was to revert back to the Catalyst 5.2 drivers, but give me a break.

  4. I did revert to 5.2 over the weekend and it certainly was better. I’ll give the omega drivers a shot, in fact I think that is what I had installed before the driver upgrade that started all these problems. Thanks for the tips.

  5. From my research the priest is supposedly more powerful than mages at low levels, but as you probably can guess it turns around in later levels.

  6. Wow, have they made the Isle so easy that you don’t even need to heal yourself anymore? :) Have you tried taking on any of the nameds? The pirate skeleton that spawns in that little graveyard area, or the ghost Rockbelly? (You need a quest started from a map sometimes dropped from the skeletons to fight him, though.) Bladefin?

    Hop over to and make sure you’d hit every quest available on the Isle. Priests also need to be in a group to get an accurate feel of their role in the game.

  7. I did not group up with anyone as a priest. I understand the role and I expect it would be different in a group. I did not take on Rockbelly with any of my characters. Grouping was almost impossible as I only saw about 3 people total while playing. I know there has to be quests I missed. There seemed to be plenty of things I missed, just by looking at it you could tell there must be a quest.

    Waiting for the new version of the Trial and I’ll spend more time in that one.

  8. Update on my graphics problem, this might be a fix:

    Issues Resolved in ATI Catalyst® Software Suite 6.1

    Everquest II: A VPU Recover event or the operating system failing to respond no longer occur when playing the game. Further details on these resolved issues can be found in topic number 737-21437

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