Trial of the Isle: Fighter

eq2[Everquest 2] Since I was still having video issues, I decided to switch to my second computer which has an FX5900 in it. Got the game copied over and fired it up. No problems at all, wonderful.

I chose a Kerran (which is like a tiger/human). The sonicvision ability in this race was used quite a bit this time, as it was night time. It made it very easy to spot the bad guys. This is the same vision as the Ratonga had.

On a side note, I did some reading about the vision types and this is my understanding: infravision allows you to see heat signatures in dark places, ultravision allows you to track movement in dark places and sonicvision allows you to see in the dark with help from your incredible hearing ability. All sound about the same, at least in purpose.

Anyway, back to the fighter. Once I got the kick skill, I started to really tear things up. The quest line was, once again, different than the other classes. I managed to get to level 6 rather easy and was able to solo everything except the last bad guy in the cave, but with help from a priest we took him out with no problems.

At one point during the evening I had one of “those” moments. I was fighting goblins to look for documents with which I could study in order to learn a little bit about their language (itself a cool feature). When out of the corner of my eye I noticed a female human mage running towards me with two goblins and a wolf chasing after. I targeted the lead goblin and taunted.

The group of three turned to me and I began fighting them. It felt like an old fashioned bar-room brawl. Before I had a chance to take down these three, another 4 or 5 surrounded me from the back. I chose this time to use my area affect attack (which has no visual to go with it, sad) which took the whole group down to about half-health. I commenced kicking and fighting these guys and when the dust settled I was still standing. It was not an easy fight, but it was a good fight. I love that feeling of taking down a group of enemies, and saving someone’s hide was icing on the cake.

Another cool moment was when a scout wandered up out of the blue and offered me some armor he could not use. It turned out to be some very nice stuff. Bonuses to health and strength, as well as a powerful sword and shield. Friendly people giving out valuable stuff for free, fantastic.

So that is the end of my trial. There is a new version coming out shortly and I plan to run through it again and see how it has changed. The trial was good enough to make me want more so in that way it was successful. Still, the graphics problems I had with my ATI has me a bit concerned.

I did not try too much crafting, as for someone like me crafting is just a waste of time. I don’t play a lot, so I try to avoid crafting in favor of more combat. Regardless, what they showed me in the trial seemed pretty easy to follow. I also loved the ability to move stuff around in a house, and I really desire having my own house in game.

For me, I rank the classes in the following order from most favorite to least: Mage, fighter, priest and scout. Interesting to me because I almost always play a thief or a fighter. I’ve never played a mage past the first few levels and this is the first game that made me want to continue my magic ways. I have not studied the advanced classes at all, so I don’t even have any idea where the base classes lead. Hopefully I can try out the new beginner area and see what those classes are.

– Ethic

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  1. I have enjoyed playing all the archetypes as well…and it gets more interesting as subclasses begin. You might find the “scout” or “fighter” class you prefer is in one of the subclasses, sounds like you might like a brawler class (monk – good, bruiser – evil). They hand out nice DPS and can tank as well.

  2. Maybe when the change to TotI comes out I’ll join ya :P

    I was always an archer/rogue type in everything I played from D&D to Ultima Online. Then came Dark Ages of Camelot and I ventured over to the magic side of Runemaster. I loved him for at least 2 years. Then I played healer and liked the support idea.

    Then I learned that healers are known as “heal bitches” for a reason. Playing a healer for friends was a blast because we always took chances. Playing healer for random groups is the worst punishment in any MMORPG.

    I rolled a shaman in WoW though because thats what won me over in beta.

    I think I’ve dumped the thief/rogue/archer angst of my teenage years for finding what class I enjoy and going with it. Also I’ve learned “if the class is uber at launch… abuse it while you can.”

  3. end of Jan the current system is being changed to allow everyone to start at level 1 ranger, level 1 summoner ….

    its fun, but check the reply in the blog i just put on Heartless blog.

    if you decide to buy, there are many catches.

  4. Well, if I buy the game – it won’t be until the expansion pack hits the stores and that includes the original game.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to post the reviews of all your ToI experiences. After Live Update #19, which should be hitting the servers around Wednesday of next week, the shiny new islands will be available to you. I’d give the islands a go once with a good character (Qeynos) and once with an evil character (Freeport) after then, and would be interested to see your impressions, especially as a new player.

  6. I will do so, providing I still have access with my account. You bring up a good point, I did not try a single “evil character”, not that I would have seen any difference in that trial (would there have been?). You lead me to believe there will be some difference in the new version. Looking forward to it.

  7. Ethic, I looked in the stores for the first expansion, and I found it.

    lable on the box said : Requires EQ2, expansion only.

    even on the sony site, the download for the first expansion says it needs the original.

    Myself, I wasnt interested in the expansion, because he, I would be level 1, and it would be a while before I can benifit from the expansion. sooo, spen 50$ for an expansion i cant use right away, or 19$ for one I can, and hey, when I get to that point, I figure i might be able to bargain bin the expansion or there might be another out, 3rd one has just been announced.

  8. menglor, I’m talking about the next expansion coming out in February, Kingdom of Sky. It is supposed to include the base version of EQ2:

    “Do I have to own the original EverQuest II before purchasing Kingdom of Sky? Not if you purchase it at retail as opposed to downloading it directly from SOE. The retail version includes the original version of EverQuest II and Kingdom of Sky, so you get both for the price of an expansion. Be aware that the retail version is DVD only.”

  9. The evil and good islands are currently identical, but will be thematically unique after the new character progression changes go live. Kingdom of Sky does indeed include the original version of EverQuest II if you purchase it at retail. Another update: Live Update #19 may still be 2-3 weeks off, as we’d like to get these changes well-polished before they go live. You should still have ToI access (it should be unlimited time-wise, just limited to the island).

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