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wow[World of Warcraft] I met a friend that I haven’t seen in a while for lunch today. He’s been playing WoW since Beta thanks to a friend at Blizzard that got him in. His guild has been around since then and is now the top guild in his PvP server. The man loves the game and talking to him about it can be frustrating at times since he has developed a bit of an ego about it. His server is currently lagging far behind my humble low population PvE server and I took the chance today to rip him about it a little. He sounded dejected the moment I brought it up and went on to explain how bad things have gotten on his server.

His server is a high population PvP server that has been around since the game launched. As a result of its popularity, the server is plagued by gold farmers. According to him, several of the larger guilds are goldfarming guilds. His is the last large, non-gold farming guild left since other guilds have move on to other games or did a character transfer. On my server we haven’t been allowed to transfer, but we have also lost some of our larger guilds to EQ2. Inflation is ridiculous on his server and almost no one is contributing to the war effort as each person has decided it is better to just sell materials in auction rather than do turn ins. While many of the larger guilds on all servers have hosted contests in an effort to promote turn ins, on his server a single, very wealthy player has done this himself for both factions. Basically, the top players on his server (and in other realms) are so starved for new content that they are giving away money in hopes of openning the gates. Many players, my friend included, have become disillusioned on that server.

The Medivh server, on the other hand, managed to get all their turn ins done. The gates won’t actually be open for an few more days as the war supplies slowly make their way down to Silithus. Blizzard has decided to deal with all the players creating alts on Medivh to watch the gate opening by porting out of Silithus all sub level 30 characters, which kind of goes against their whole “this event is for all levels, you low lvls can turn in copper bars” line, but their hand was forced. All the extra people logged on would have probably caused the server to crash, although some message board conspiracy theorists claim that people creating alts on Medivh are not just curious to see the opening, but in fact are trying to crash the server to prevent the opening. Blizzard has further prevented anyone without a character on Medivh already to create any more characters on that server. They have promised that a series of world events will be visible outside of Silithus.

For those, like my friend, who are still a while away from their world event, Blizzard has some suggestions for what to do while waiting. [Their suggestions include make an alt and wait for the expansion.]

2 thoughts on “Stay Tuned”

  1. Ah, I wondered why that top realm zoomed so much lately – my realm of Zul’jin is 4th or something, and when I first found that war efforts page a week and a half ago, we weren’t all that far behind. Now we’re WAY far behind compared to that first one!


    PS: So, uh, I’m a noob. Where do I go, once my realm has all the supplies, to see this grand opening thingy?

  2. Leave it to Blizzard to screw up two things with their first major world event…

    1. Make it a farming grind.
    2. Fail to control the flood of people that were going to make alts to watch the event.

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