War: What’s It Good For?

EVE[EVE Online] I have decided to join up with a corporation thanks to a good friend in EVE. Now I find myself on the verge of an all-out war. The alliance the corp belongs to is at war, so we are at war. I have not yet accepted the offer from the corp, I am still relatively safe.

A whole new portion of the game is opening before my eyes. How can I get out to the somewhat safe space controlled by my new corp? I could fly out as close as possible in Empire and then accept the offer – flying the final distance in a fast ship. Another option is that I could get an escort.

I wouldn’t really worry too much, except for the 30 million ISK perception implant in my head. If I get podded (someone blows up my ship *and* my pod – killing me) I will lose that implant for good. It’s a risk I’ll have to take, as I hear the money is good out there.

I have several ships and almost 200 items in my hanger. Sell them or leave it all behind with a jumpclone at the station? Speaking of jumpclones, I had not even heard of these things until yesterday. It sounds basically like you can save a jumpclone at various stations and “jump” from one to the other (for a fee I suppose). The main problem is getting there the first time to save a jumpclone, not to mention training the skill in the first place.

Perhaps I’ll make the trip at an off-hour time, or just after the server comes online. Should be pretty safe then. Although I might as well just get the first death over. I’ll be able to enjoy the war a little more if I don’t have to worry about a huge financial hit.

So many questions, guess it’s time to learn the answers. What better way to learn than by experience? It’s time to fly.

– Ethic

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9 thoughts on “War: What’s It Good For?”

  1. ah, but with a jumpclone, you don’t have to get to the destination station, neccessarily. you (and your corp) only need to have good reputation with the station and then you can, BAM, transfer your jumpclone instantly there.

  2. Is that so? Interesting. I’ll have to look into that. I know once I accept the offer I get like an 8.0 reputation with the corp’s main station out in 0.0 space. My question then, will I lose my implant by doing that?

    I’ve got to hand it to EVE, I’ve never played a game that has so much to learn.

    Last night was not fun, I spent about 3 hours flying my Badger filled with goods and a couple of small ships closer to my corp’s area of activity. I’m not sure why, but I hate leaving my stuff abandoned far away from me.

  3. My question then, will I lose my implant by doing that?

    Your implant remains in your main clone. Jump clones are the way to PvP in corp wars without worrying about losing the implants in your main clone. As I understand it, you do not continue to reap the benefits of the implants in your clone while you are in the jump clone, though.

    Beyond that, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve only been playing for a little over a month myself. ;)

  4. Oh that is sweet. I was wishing I could remove my implant so I could PvP and this will allow me to do it. I assume my training times will reflect the unimplanted clone as long as that is the one I am using. But if I can jump back to my clone with implants for “safer” activities, I’m liking this a lot.

  5. I need to look into these jump clones. Seems like you can now leave a carebear clone in Empire and a YARRRR clone out in alliance space.
    ::sigh:: EvE is just too darn big.

  6. I’ve got the skill now and from what I have read – you do have to fly out to the station to leave a jumpclone the first time. I do not see how you can just jumpclone out somewhere you have never been as Paul says above. Certainly the official explanation is that you have to fly there first to set one up. I could be wrong and if so please tell me.

    So here is how it goes from my understanding. I leave my current station in 0.5 space and fly out to our 0.0 station. I leave a jumpclone there. Then I fly back to my 0.5 station. Now, whenever I want to get to my 0.0 station, I jumpclone out there, which will leave a jumpclone at my current station (with my implants). My jumpclone at 0.0 will have no implants.

    I can fight for my alliance or whatever, but cannot jump back for 24 hours. Once I do jump back, I will have my implants again. I will just have the one jumpclone out at the 0.0 station. Whenever I jump out to it, I have created a second jumpclone at the station I left, which I can return to.

    Skill training needs to halt temporarily for the jump, but I can start training up again after the jump. This is a method to encourage 0.0 alliance combat, not really a method to travel around the systems with ease.

  7. What skills were needed for this operation? I usualy read the skill list like a wall street trader reads the stock page but I think I missed this one :p

  8. Welcome to the Dark Side! It is pretty scary and I have been podded since joining up (altho not by corp enemies, oddly enuf, but by some smacktard gatecampers in my r&d agent’s system.) Lost a full set of +3’s and only bought a replacement for WIL+3.

    And yes, quite a lot to learn and keep track of – I now run with 3 chat windows up: local (with our wardec opponent’s members in my “buddy” list), corp chat (along with alliance and misc chats), and alliance/ally combat chat for intel reports. Makes for a lot less screen real estate, but is positively vital.

    Did the run from 0.0 back up to Empire, and it was pretty quiet. Got shot at by some NPC’s, but I was able to hit the gate quick every time. Being shot at by 125k and 850k rats is pretty d*mn exciting, I’ll tell you what.

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