Back To War

EVE[EVE Online] I left our alliance station in 0.0 space to make the long trip back out to empire. I was flying my Rifter, loaded up with lots of go-fast parts and warp core stabilizers to try to avoid any gate campers along the way.

Not having a lot of people on at the time, I decided to fly it solo without the benefit of a scout. Luckily, the 23 jump trip was uneventful. I then decided to fly another 20+ hops in empire space out to our corporation’s HQ. This trip was safe as there is no war declarations on us. Or should I say was…

Exile has declared war against HUZZAH once again, so starting tonight we will not be safe in empire space. Oh well, at least I got my jump clone set up now. I will attempt to find me some pvp action this time around.

Unfortunately for Exile, they stirred up a bit of a hornets nest this time as they “claimed” ownership of the Misaba system (Update: Exile is denying this) and that pissed off the Curatores Veritatis Alliance. Therefore, the CVA has returned the favor by declaring war on Exile. There are rumors of even more war declarations against Exile forthcoming.

Should be fun.

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Back To War”

  1. I learned something about 0.0 space this time through. There are not normally any stations in 0.0 and this means you have to find hiding spaces in, well, space. I was used to being able to turn back and run to a station in Empire space when I encountered the enemy. What a carebear.

    If I encountered the enemy this time, I planned to warp to a planet and make a bookmark along the way. Then I would warp back to that bookmark. Once there, I would warp towards another planet and make another bookmark on the way and warp back to it. Perhaps too much (or too little?), but it made me feel like I could get a minute of peace that way – just couldn’t stay too long. But at least I would be off the main path a little.

  2. lol, CVA better get its priorities in order…ill be back for them eventually….eventually..

  3. While you were learning about 0.0 I was learning that even if the Agent tells you to take the stuff out of your Items hold and put it in your Cargo hold for delivery… you will still f’n forget to do it.

    My longest courier mission and it took me 6 jumps to figure out that I forgot the delivery :(

  4. Err but I should add I think I had a succesful day. A new ship with two new weapons installed and still 200,000 ISK left. No starter loan required :)

    However, I have no idea if what I purchased is any good or not as I could barely do my 3rd storyline quest to kill a Drone Silo.

  5. lol @ Heartless_. Dude I STILL do that. Worst yet was accepting a combat mission and forgeting to put lenses on my lasers….good thing the rat dropings included lenses.

    Oh and just last night I warped out and got all set up to leave my Bestower out AFK mining and then realized I had no mining laser. lol

  6. A laser is a weapon used mostly by Amarr and it uses the lenses as ammo.

    A Bestower is an industrial hauler, sometimes used to mine while AFK as it has a huge cargo hold and only one slot for a mining laser so you can just leave it mining while you are not at the computer.

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