Cease Fire

EVE[EVE Online] It looks like the “big” war is over. A cease fire has been arranged between SA (Stain- Alliance) and FIX (Firmus Ixion). My corp is part of the HUZZAH Federation and we had been allied to SA in the war against FIX.

It appears that FIX feels that the battle for FAT has been lost and that SA has won. Both SA and FIX have reached an accord that calls for FIX pilots to withdraw back to Querious and for SA & allied forces to take full control of Catch and leave Querious. Full negotiations will continue.

A ceasefire is presently in effect as of this moment.

The “small” war between HUZZAH and Exile still continues.

My tackler training is underway. A tackler is a ship that is set up to keep the enemy ship stuck, or unable to warp away.

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “Cease Fire”

  1. It’s my understanding that in EVE, you can quite easily lose vast sums of money in the form of ships and implants in PvP, since you don’t just get them back when you respawn. I imagine that wars between large alliances have an amazing burn rate of cash (I’ve seen screenshots of fleet engagements with a dozen ships on both sides). What gets fought over that’s worth the losses?

  2. I someday dream of tackling… right now I am working on just breaking 100k skill points :P I’m at 86,000 now after a few days play.

  3. I’ve just started my tackling career for The Big Blue – we are currently trying to deal with a pirate problem in our small area of 0.0 space. Unfortunately the pirates are pretty organised and refuse to engage our patrol forces – they would far rather pick off lone haulers or NPC hunters, and have also declared war so they can go after young characters and haulers in empire space, where they would normally be protected. The couple of engagements we have had have been pretty fun though.

    Frankly I think the war system is a bit broken – it makes sense when both corporations have an industrial base, but it is far too easy for a small group of dedicated pirates to take advantage of it with no drawbacks for them, as they do nothing other than pvp anyway.

    In response to NBarnes, 0.0 space is incredibly lucrative, and the larger fleet engagements generally take place in a contest over this space. In all honesty though, it’s more about pride than anything :)

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