Coming Soon: Issue 7

cov[City of Villains] Cryptic has added several little things to City of Villains between issues, and the teaser for Issue 7 is up. Yes, technically this is a patch to Cities of Heroes and Villains, but it is mostly villainy.

First, let’s give praise for content between “real” patches:

Between Issues 6 and 7, Cryptic has added:

  • Redesigned dance club (not something I have gone to check out, but social content is good. Everyone loves to dance.
  • Enhanced rewards for archvillains.
  • Temporary attack powers for all new characters at low levels.
  • Two new contacts and mission chains for villains.
  • A variety of bug fixes, scattered minor nerfs, and a few balancing touches.
  • Holiday events

So good work there, team. We appreciate seeing new things.

The Issue 7 teaser is up. The last two villain zones are in there, as are the villain level 41-49 powers and the missions for levels 40-50. So this is partly the “catch up” patch for stuff that was not done at retail (3 months ago). I want to highlight two notes.

First, new power sets! Electric Melee and Armor for Brutes! Thugs for Masterminds! I assume the Thugs use some recycled art, which gets us new toys faster so I am happy. The heroes might like to get the electric powers, but I will stay out of that argument. Stalkers also picked up Dark Melee and Armor.

Second, Mayhem Missions! I am excited, since this is what I was expecting when I bought City of Villains.

Take villainy to the streets of Paragon City with tense new timed missions among destructible environments, which also unlock multiple random events. Players harass citizens, rob stores, destroy property, plant bombs and battle the police in these exciting open-ended timed missions. Causing extra mayhem results in bonus rewards!

Score. I get my vengeance on all those annoying pedestrians, and I get to engage in actually villainy and rampaging through the streets, rather than just beating up villains in our homeland. Hey, I bet I can get that purse away from the old lady!

More as excitement develops.

: Zubon

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