Good News Is No News

cov[City of Villains] How often can you post, “I logged in and beat up some ogres with my friends last night. It was awesome”? Frequently, nothing particularly of note is happening in-game, or at least nothing that has not happened a hundred times before. We play, we have fun, we log and go to bed. There is some leveling and massive violence interspersed.

To me, this is usually a positive game experience, but it makes for dull blogging.

Is it too trivial to celebrate little things?

Last night, we used all three missiles from Warburg on an archvillain. It was awesome. What is normally a massive, ugly fight filled with debt lasted about 20 seconds. Buff rocket, debuff rocket, damage rocket, two assassin strikes, and finish him off. If you have done the Cap Au Diable strike force, you know how rough that last fight can be. If you have played in Warburg, you are familiar with the missiles, although you may not have seen several in use at once. If you do not play City of Villains, it would take me a page to explain it all and another page to give good context. I have made several of those long posts explaining simple things, but it felt trivial this time. Is it worthwhile to toss up a three sentence post amounting to, “We totally owned that AV using temp powers. It was awesome”?

Before starting the strike force, we went to a PvP zone to pick up some temporary powers. I do not enjoy that much. PvP is usually asymmetrical forces engaging in abuse, with irritating smack-talk over the broadcast channel. I am just there to do the PvE content folded into the PvP zone as an incentive to get us there; the PvP is an annoyance that makes it harder for us to get done. Yes, I view the reason for having the zone as an annoyance, and only the incentive for being there interests me; the players who are there to PvP generally do not care about the incentive, so they will try to spoil it for us while we just try to get through Bloody Bay as efficiently as we can.

How often can I blog about a distaste for PvP in most games? My guildmates who enjoy it get annoyed with the constant whining from…everyone. I tire of the posturing children instantly. And this is before we get to any issues about the actual implementation of PvP. But I do not know this to be blog-worthy. Everyone knows that people in PvP whine, posture, taunt, etc. Old news.

Maybe if I just stack enough points together, even if none are really worth discussing, I will have an entire post that could be worthwhile. It seems to be working so far. Would an occasional set of random comments be interesting or annoying?

Comments are open. Feel free to toss up your “not quite worth mentioning” thing. Also, those are not meant as rhetorical questions, so feel free to opine on those.

Oh, and beating up the ogres? It was awesome.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Good News Is No News”

  1. Here’s one vote for more CoV blogging, even if it’s just ‘Here’s some stuff we did’ posts. KTR has been doing a number of posts just like that about EVE, and I’ve found those interesting even though I’ve never played that game.

    As for Warburg, I haven’t made it there yet. My SG did just handle the Cap mission (, and that was fun but a little long for my tastes.

    I’d be interested in hearing more of your take on CoV PvP. I’ve only dabbled in it so far; the Triumph server doesn’t seem to have enough players to establish much critical mass in Bloody Bay.

    The issue of yammering idiots has already popped up in Pocket D, where you don’t even have the option of killing them; I’ve been using /ignore commands like crazy in there.

  2. Agreed. I enjoy reading even about every day stuff, simply because I am not playing CoV right now.

  3. I agree w/ Samut, I’ve been reading the general post about EVE and Ive never played it (although Ive thought about buying it, just because of the posts). Bring it on w/ the Day-2-Day stuff in CoV! We enjoy it! :)

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