The Incident At Alpha Bravo

EVE[EVE Online] My corporation had planned a convoy of ships from our main staging area in Empire space down to one of our 0.0 stations. Just under 10 people signed up, with a few of them flying scout and protection. I had my industrial-class hauler, a Badger 2. It can hold about 10,000 cubic meters of cargo and she was plum full. Some of the cargo quite expensive and most of it not even mine. It was to be a long trip, all of it through 0.0 space. One of our convoy members was an alt of a corp member who was not yet in the corporation.

We left the station right on time. Intel informed us of an enemy gate camp going on in one of the systems on our shorter route, so we chose to take the longer route. Possibly safer, but much longer. We had instas and used them as a group. It made for pretty safe travel. Our scouts would tell us when to warp and when to use the gates. Once we gated into a system, they would call out the next gate and we would all align our ships to prepare for warp. At the command our leader warped us as a group. We would drop right on top of the next gate and wait for the all clear to jump to the next system.

This went well, as many of us were learning how to align quickly. We only had a few incidents of miscommunication, nothing out of the ordinary. Having most of our pilots on voice communication helped a lot, but we still had to remember to share info with the pilots that did not have that technology available in their ship.

Along the way we encountered various pilots. Some neutral, some ASCN, some with BoB or FIX. Nobody gave us any trouble. When we were about 3 jumps out of our destination, we sort of picked up a tag-along FIX pilot. We have a non-aggression pact with FIX so we expected no problems with him. Two jumps away from our destination, that all changed.

We warped into Alpha Bravo (system name changed for security reasons) and started to align for the next gate. At this time, the FIX pilot targeted one of our gang members, the pilot not yet in the corporation. That pilot called out in local that he *was* a member of our corp. The FIX pilot either did not care or did not see the message. The target lock was complete and we were ordered to warp away immediately, which we did. But before we jumped, we could see the ship’s shields drop, armor disintegrate and finally the explosion of his ship. The FIX pilot had blown up one of our convoy ships. Luckily, the pilot’s pod escaped destruction.

We all got to the station and then a few members went back to try to recover anything from the wreck. The FIX pilot was gone and all that was left was two large empty containers. It appeared that he destroyed any remain cargo by jettisoning it all into space, as his ship probably did not have cargo space for hauling much of anything.

There are a few possible reasons why the FIX pilot would have done what he did.

1. FIX has a policy of shooting anything that is not a friend, this includes neutral. He could have just been doing what comes naturally for an aggressive pilot. Find a valid target and destroy it, even if it is amongst a group of 10 pilots in a corp you are non-aggressive with.

2. He could have been hoping we would return fire, thus igniting another possible war between FIX and Huzzah. We did not fire upon him at all.

I do not know what his ultimate reasons were, but it was a good lesson learned. When flying in a gang of pilots with mixed corporations. Be careful how you respond to an act of aggression. Someone could be at war with a corporation in your gang, yet you could be a friend of both. If the two pilots at war start fighting, you may just assume your gang is being attacked and return fire, starting an incident that could have been avoided with cooler heads.

Luckily, we all had pretty cool heads that day.

– Ethic

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10 thoughts on “The Incident At Alpha Bravo”

  1. NAPs aside, had I scouted the near systems (as I worked “up” a few jumps) in a combat ship rather then a disposable hauler, I would have engaged the FIX pilot. Ah well, lesson learned for Next Time :)

  2. It would have been extremely easy to fire back in defense of one of our group members, and I would hope we would have been in the right to do so.

  3. –NB: personal opinion, *not* Corp policy–

    I would expect that we can protect our own, or those travelling with us, without political consequences.

  4. I would of fired no questions asked… war or not. That is one thing that pisses people off… not having their back in a fight regardless of political fall out.

  5. Well that is part of the issue at hand. The actions of one person can greatly affect the many. Who has the right to make such a choice without first considering what/who you are representing and what the long term goals of the corporation are? I honestly think the best decision in this case was to not fight back. The reality of the situation is that we should have waited for him to become a member of the corp before flying into alliance space. In the future I will be more aware of what corps the people I am flying with are in.

  6. I can agree with the decision they made… ive gotten in trouble myself for attacking NAPed pilots when they attack a friend im escorting..

  7. I no longer play EvE and never got to the level where you are currently, but I agree with the decision to keep going. If you had no real fighting escort, he could also have just been bait. There might have been friends of his already on the way, and even if you killed him they may have come in to kill more of you.

    Why didn’t you have any fighting escorts? Or did you, and I’m not reading it right? :)

  8. We were mostly haulers and scouts but we had combat with us. We knew the guy was NAP so when he started targeting we just warped as we were so close to home. The guys with the guns somehow kept their fingers off the trigger. I’m not so sure I could have.

  9. We had an op many moons ago where our sister corp was scouting and announcing our standing as friends. Our icons did not indicate this at the time. Fortunately only a few of our pilots got hit, and they were compensated by the itchy trigger finger corp.

    But after spending more time in 0.0, I realize that that it’s almost a nessesity to shoot neutrals if they are in your space. Anyone unknown is dangerous — they could allow a capital ship to warp in and you don’t want scouts from enemy alliances/corps in your territory scouting weak points. So border shootings of neutrals are not really something I support(but understand). In the end though, if you’re in our territory, then you better have a mining pass at least :-) I expect any npc chars(even my scouts) to be blasted on sight as a result.

    Nice to know that I won’t get blindsided by a hostile in the heart of our territory, and you do what you have to do.

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