Ahn’Qirai Event on Hellscream Server

wow[World of Warcraft] Just a quick note that my server (Hellscream) opened the world event gates today, at the moment I dont have much to share other then. “WOW THIS PLACE IS A LAGGY HELLHOLE” taking screenshots and whatnot…might post more later.


4 thoughts on “Ahn’Qirai Event on Hellscream Server”

  1. Doomhammer crashed 6 times. This was after the gates opened a full 3 days after they should have thanks to Blizzard’s ineptitude. When the Horde turned in the last of their materials 2 Saturday’s ago, the Eastern Kingdom’s had crashed. This is not a completely uncommon occurrence for this crummy server. At any rate, because EK had crashed, Kalimdor and EK never talked to each other to see that the stupid catassing was done. So if you talked to the Horde leader, he told you that the Horde did their part but we were waiting on the slacking Alliance. If you talked to the Alliance leader, he told you the opposite.

    Because Blizzard apparently leaves a janitor in charge all weekend, the most we were able to get was a restart (which didn’t fix it) on Sunday. It wasn’t until normal Tuesday maintenance that they actually got the two sides to connect and validate that the catass was over. But did Blizzard do the right thing and move things up so that we could open the gates on Thursday, a right which we had earned? Of course not. Blizzard feigned ignorance (or, possibly it wasn’t feigned based on recent experiences) and ignored our requests for clarification on why our gate was opening 3 days late.

    And yet I keep paying monthly.

  2. WoW Sounds really interesting, I’m an EvE player but I want to look at stuff to do with my free time since EvE is long term, is WoW good for hopping on for quick thrills?

    I’m a try before I buy teenager though, with no direct credit card access, dad lets me use his for EvE but he doesn’t like it, so I’m not about to ask for it to try another game. Any legal way to get a free 10 day WoW trial or something?

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