On The Rocks

EVE[EVE Online] We had a corp mining operation the other day in a 0.0 system. It involved over 10 people, most in medium barges. We were after ice this time. We had a few combat ships with us, basically designed to tank any NPC rats nearby. They could repair faster than any damage was done, and the rats were too stupid to switch targets. We also had a couple of haulers to move the ice back to the station.

The operation lasted about 6 hours while I was only there for the first 2 hours. I think we hauled home close to 500 ice chips. Each chip takes up 1000 cubic meters of cargo space, that’s one big ice chip.

I snapped a few shots for your entertainment purposes. You can view them here: photo one, photo two, photo three, photo four and photo five.

– Ethic

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  1. Hehe, with every passing entry this blog sounds more and more like a grizzled Cyberpunk novella. :)

    “We made the jump to lightspeed just in time to see the Overlord’s cruiser erupt into flames, licking across its hull in zero gravity like a Catherine wheel on the wall of my childhood home. I lit my Centauri cigar and inhaled sharply, wincing from the pain of my recent mag-pistol wounds as a smile crept across my face.
    ‘Buckle up, kid’ I told the rookie behind me. ‘This one’s gonna be bumpy.'”

  2. cntrl+tab also works to clear the hud. Sometimes its nice to have the HUD in the screenie though :)
    Cool pics Ethic

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