Valentine’s Day, in-game

coh[City of Heroes] I am the only married member of our supergroup online. As far as I know, the guys laughing on Teamspeak as they enjoy PvP have no significant others at all. I do not know which is the cause and which is the effect. At any rate, we do not have enough people together for the Tuesday Night Strike Force. Oh well.

Romance at my house: we are going to eat dessert and watch Serenity, with the comment track going this time! Ah, love!

: Zubon

One thought on “Valentine’s Day, in-game”

  1. They were giving away roses in the lobby at work, so I brought one home in a 32 ounce fast-food cup with lid and water–how romantic!

    Then, I listened to how much the puppy screamed in the crate today, cleaned up said crate which had been soiled, and made tacos for dinner (I suggested Coldstone, but she remembered we had a pound of beef that was expiring that day). Then she watched the AKC Westminster dog show on cable and I watched the puppy and showed her funny gaming comics.

    Nothing screams romance quite like a puppy with separation anxiety!

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