EQ2 and Fileplanet, Sitting in a Tree…

eq2[Everquest 2] … K I S S I N G!

Anyway, as much as I don’t care for fileplanet, I worked my “Hey bro can I borrow your FP login?” magic and got myself a free EQ2 trial key. Just need to download it tonight (wonder if I can just add the key to my current Trial of the Isle account). So I guess I’ll be hitting the “real” EQ2 a little sooner than I had expected, and just when EVE Online really has me hooked.

If you want to try EQ2 for free too, it’s here.

17 hour download? Hmm. Not so interested any more…

UPDATE: I tried it again, and it only took 2 hours to download. Wonder what changed.

– Ethic

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3 thoughts on “EQ2 and Fileplanet, Sitting in a Tree…”

  1. Obviously you didn’t read Richard Bartle’s blog entry on downloading EQ2. :) He meant to just get the Trial of the Isle for a course where he is the lecturer.

    Think about it this way: I bought the collector’s edition and the standard edition (on CD). To install requires two DVDs or nine CDs–and you still have a couple hours of patching when you’re done. It’s a big game, but the voiceovers are kinda nifty, especially when you start getting the insults from the NPCs.

    Besides that, what else is your PC going to do while you sleep and work?

  2. I’ll probably go through the download over the weekend I guess. Otherwise I just might wait for (and pay for) the upcoming expansion which will include the main game as well.

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