Binds for Masterminds (and buffers/healers)

cov[City of Villains] All Masterminds: please follow THIS LINK. Do what it says and use it consistently. Practice a bit solo so that you are comfortable with the controls when we group together.

What am I linking to? This lets you control all your pets from the numperpad. Want them all in passive mode, only attacking the one target you tell them to then going back to passive? That’s three keystrokes. Getting them out of the doorway so the rest of the team can get through? One stroke and a click. Spread out to avoid AoE attacks? You can send each of your three types of pets in a different direction.

If you have buffs and are not using the number keys, you are making things too hard on yourself.

Here is an example, for Force Fields:

  • /bind NUMPAD0 “powexec_name Dispersion Bubble”
  • /bind NUMPAD1 “team_select 1$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD1 “team_select 1$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD2 “team_select 2$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD2 “team_select 2$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD3 “team_select 3$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD3 “team_select 3$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD4 “team_select 4$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD4 “team_select 4$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD5 “team_select 5$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD5 “team_select 5$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD6 “team_select 6$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD6 “team_select 6$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD7 “team_select 7$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD7 “team_select 7$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD8 “team_select 8$$powexec_name Deflection Shield”
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD8 “team_select 8$$powexec_name Insulation Shield”
  • /bind NUMPAD9 powexec_name Deflection Shield
  • /bind shift+NUMPAD9 powexec_name Insulation Shield

Now you can bind your entire team without worries about targeting. On the first cast, you will probably need to stutter-tap it (i.e., hit it twice, since the first time will just get you the right target). This works nicely for many Mastermind, Controller, Defender, and Corruptor power sets. Empathy? Replace those powers with Healing Aura, Heal Other, and Absorb Pain, then add a set of ctrl+NUMPAD# to bind Clear Mind as a buff. For my Thermal Corruptor, I have the heal, status protection, and both shields on the number pad (plain, shift, ctrl, alt).

What if you are a */Force Field Mastermind, or */Poison? This is where you shift it down one, so set one shield to shift+NUMPAD and the other to ctrl+NUMPAD.

This all gets pretty intuitive when you have it set the same way across all your characters, even when they have different powersets. I always set my AE/self heal to NUMPAD0, even if I have no other number pad binds. You get used to knowing that is your “save me” key. Granted, that does nothing for me on my Blaster… My Kinetics characters put almost all their Kinetics powers on the number pad. Transfusion, Transference, Fulcrum Shift, Siphon Power, and Siphon Speed are the other keys. The more powers you can bind to the keyboard, the more hotkeys you have available for immediate use.

In case it is non-obvious, the NUMPAD9 key is just the buffs themselves, without targeting a teammate. Use that for buffing/healing pets or random passersby.

If folks need other useful binds, I can see what other toys might be of use to you.

: Zubon

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  1. Just awesome. The thread also mentions how to set it up so your commands have different phrases each time they’re used; I could see putting a lot of time into getting that set up just right.

  2. I’m starting to miss my MM. Urge to reactivate rising…

    I only wish I understood what you are getting on about here.

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