Seriously, Why?!

wow[World of Warcraft] I try not to gripe too often. No one wants to hear it. This time, I’m just a little too angry. What’s my problem? Obviously it is about World of Warcraft. It’s not about the game itself but the stuff that Blizzard keeps adding to it that simply doesn’t work well. What is it this time? Deserter.

Haven’t heard of the new Deserter debuff? It happens when you abandon a battleground. It’s basically punishment for those people who leave a game when the outcome of the game doesn’t seem to be in their team’s favor. It gives you a debuff that lasts fifteen minutes and does not allow you to enter a BG. Sounds pretty good, right? After all, it just fixes one of those annoying little nuances that whiney, impatient gamers bring to WoW. WRONG! It brings along several other problems.

For starters, what happens when you disconnect due to internet, or perhaps even server or technical problems (cough Blizzard’s fault cough)? You guessed it, you get the deserter debuff! Oh snap! To top it off, there seems to be bugs with this system that aren’t already inherit problems with the deserter debuff system, as noted already. Just today I spent a good 30 minutes in a game of Arathi Basin. It was a close game, which is why it lasted fairly long. As the game neared the end, with my team winning, I decided to rush into a group of Alliance and see how many I could kill or do harm to before the game ended. I died. No big deal. WRONG! As I was waiting to be resurrected, the game ended. When the game ends, a scoreboard comes up with the “Leave Battleground” button at the bottom. I basked in my high score glory as I clicked the “Leave Battleground” button. I noticed the load time seemed to be taking longer than usual. I ended up with the deserter debuff. On top of that, I didn’t get the rewards to turn into the PvP quest giver, which also means I didn’t get the faction fame, and I would even be willing to bet I didn’t get the honor from winning either. I just basically wasted 30 minutes of my time. Before I let the 15 minutes suck up another portion of my time, I logged out.

What Blizzard basically did was take a small annoyance (battleground droppers) and introduce a solution that fixes the old problem but shoves a bigger problem into the faces of every legit player participating in battlegrounds. That’s not all Blizzard did, oh no! Even more ironic is the fact that they gave droppers an even better way to drop out of battlegrounds!

I’m going to tell you another little story. This one takes place in Warsong Gultch. This is basically the CTF (capture the flag) of WoW. It’s 10 vs 10 (5v5 minimum), which makes every teammate count. Recently, Blizzard introduced the ability to enter multiple battleground queues in patch 1.9. This has been a fairly high requested addition. Something obviously has to be wrong or else I wouldn’t be mentioning it. In this WSG game, we were winning, though it was a pretty close and fair game, and fair games in WSG tend to take a long time. What happens in the middle of the game? The Arathi Basin queue decides it’s ready to open a game. This means anyone in WSG who was signed up for Arathi Basin as well before the game of WSG could join the newly opened AB game. Over half the team left, leaving four Horde to fight off ten Alliance. The Horde lost that match. In essence, Blizzard gave these people in the WSG game a way to drop out of the game without giving the buff while joining another game immediately. What’s happening is basically the same thing but in a different form.

My solution? Get rid of deserter. I would rather not have to deal with getting disconnected or my game crashing and then having to wait fifteen minutes before I can have some fun again. I could care less about people dropping out. We were more than likely going to lose anyways. I’d rather honorably fight my way through horrible odds than deal with doing nothing. Secondly, KICK PEOPLE OUT OF ALL QUEUES THEY JOINED PRIOR TO THE BATTLEGROUND THEY JUST JOINED! Thanks, Blizzard.


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  1. On Khadgar the alliance will wait far longer than the horde to get into a BG. And there were horde groups that would start a BG and all /afk right away just to grief the alliance team. The horde team could get right back into a match, but the alliance team would have to wait an hour or more again.

  2. For what it’s worth, I’ve had a few guildmates (some of them serious PvPers) lose a lot of bonus honor points and victory tokens due to this bug, but they’ve been able to get them both reimbursed by petitioning a GM. Naturally, I wouldn’t expect it to work all the time — it might depend on which GM ends up handling your case, or what part of the sky the moon is in — but it’s worth a shot.

  3. Whats really sad about WoW is how Blizzard absolutely hates the casual gamer in Battlegrounds. They do not want a casual player anywhere near the battlegrounds.

    Patch 1.8.4 removes rewards for the losing side if match lasts fewer than 10 minutes. But the uber doods who roll pick ups in 5 minutes flat get a full 3 marks!

    Next the deserter tag. The only people that deserted matches fit into two categories. 1) People that ran out of time to play or crashed out of the game. 2) People that logged into a match where the other team was stacked.

    Blizzard does not want casual gamers in Battlegrounds. The “deserter” was actually aimed at the uber groups who would refuse to fight another uber group because it would take forever. Sad thing is 15 minutes is still a shorter wait than fighting another uber group. So the uber groups still /afk out of an even match because the 15 minutes is much better than a 45 minute match.

    Blizzard ruined WoW PvP with Battlegrounds and is aiming to make sure the majority of WoW players…. aka the casual gamers… don’t experience the crappiest part of their game.

  4. Meh, seems the deserter flag should only be thrown on you if 1) you afk, or 2) you run out of the instance.

    You should never get flagged like that for a disconnect. And I know there are ways to tell if you got dropped.

  5. An even more idiotic thing just happened. It was just 3v3 in WSG then all of a sudden it just kicked us out. No scoreboard for the game ending or anything. It just kicked us out and the loading screen came up. Of course, we had deserter.

  6. Yeah, but even when WSG is 8v2, Horde favor (and it usually is), the game still ends with a scoreboard even though the game ended due to not enough people. The only difference this time was that no one was able to capture any flags at all whereas usually Horde can capture 1-2 flags before the game ends.

  7. Clearing all the BG queues when you enter one makes perfect sense. But I’m gonna stick up for Blizz on the deserter flag issue. Network drops in WoW are more common than they should be, but people dropping when the odds aren’t in their favor are more common. Some asshats need that little bit of encouragement to stick it out when things aren’t going so well in WSG.

  8. I still don’t agree with deserter. In my last post, I pointed out another problem with the imbalance in battlegrounds, such as the 8v2 example. This problem has existed before multiple queues but has been further become a problem due to multiple queues and the fact that it does not exit people who enter a battleground out of the queues they entered prior to entering that battleground. So what happens is the game thinks 5 people are ready for WSG but some of the people who entered that queue are actually playing AB.

    Deserter might be alright when AND ONLY WHEN the bugs and loopholes are fixed. Before that, deserter does not need to be in the game. If a game is 8v2, those two players have the right to leave the game with no penalty because Blizzard screwed them with the current system they have in place right now. Those 3+ other players that were in the WSG queue are probably playing AB or AV. Who are the geniuses to allow such a situation to happen? Blizzard, that’s who.

    Like I said, I’d rather see people drop than have a buggy and crap system in place that affects me even more than droppers. When Blizzard gets around to fixing it, then maybe I’ll have a different point of view.

  9. Hyd there is no reason I should be forced to be a damn ragdoll for the uber l33ts to throw around and until Blizzard divides the BG queues into organized group and random group; deserter is punishing the majority of the gamers.

  10. In the aforementioned example of 8v2… the game should just end, and be done… it should never even start if at least 5 members each side join. And the wait-around time for at least five people should be fairly low. I mean, how hard is it to get 5 people in a WSG queue.

    The deserter flag should never be an issue until the game starts… and the game should never start until there is a fair number each side. I see what you mean on this one, and totally agree.

  11. Heartless says:

    Hyd there is no reason I should be forced to be a damn ragdoll for the uber l33ts to throw around and until Blizzard divides the BG queues into organized group and random group; deserter is punishing the majority of the gamers.

    Like any PvP situation, you’re taking the chance of getting pwn3d the minute you step into the battleground. Is it fun to get abused by 10 guildmates using vent or TS? No, but neither is it fun to have half your teammates bail when the going gets a little tough.

  12. I’m probably going to get flamed here given the more casual nature but here it goes.

    The easy way to get around the deserter debuff is to join a group. The group leader cannot have the debuff, and he joins the queue. Everyone is automatically signed up, and you can get in with no problems (it even wipes off the debuff for you). This is standard practice for WSG/AB honor farming when two of the “uber groups” run into each other: One member of the team goes in and scopes out the opposition (the opposing teams know each other, believe me). If it’s the other A-Team(s), that member /afks out and he’s the only one with the debuff.

    For those times that your PUG craps out on you to go play in AB or AV: don’t play. Sit in front of the tunnel for WSG, stay at Defiler’s Den (dunno Alliance point) in AB, etc. The 2 minutes it will take the other side to win is a lot quicker than the debuff time (assuming you aren’t in a group). You also get the reward, which you don’t get from /afking.

    For DCs and other things, you guys are being punished for the asshats. If it only happened to /afks, people would simply Alt-F4 to get out of a bad BG instead. Since you have 5 minutes to bypass the queue to log in, you’re set right there for another game with no penalty.

    Finally, if you really want PVP, go Horde. I faced the same situation that R called out (Alliance population imbalance), waiting 2+ hours for a 15 minutes WSG/AB game. No thanks. My new server has the same imbalance, but I get to take advantage of it now.

  13. >>>
    Finally, if you really want PVP, go Horde. I faced the same situation that R called out (Alliance population imbalance), waiting 2+ hours for a 15 minutes WSG/AB game. No thanks. My new server has the same imbalance, but I get to take advantage of it now.

    *knock wood* I’m pretty lucky in that my server seems to a) have a pretty good bunch of Alliance players at my current level playing in pickup groups, b) a pretty even server pop, so nobody is left waiting more than the time it takes for a spot to open up in the BG. This is WSG mind you; your mileage with the other bg’s may vary.

  14. Here’s another funny thing. When a BG closes before the game is won, guess who gets the PvP quest reward items? The team that didn’t cause the game to close. They also get honor regardless of their accomplishments.

    I just got out of a 3v6 WSG game. Surprisingly, it was Horde that had 3 this time. What happened? Horde managed to capture one flag while Alliance capture none in the 5 minute countdown. So while 6 Alliance managed to squat against 3 Horde, the 6 Alliance still got 3 marks of honor and a small 150 or so honor. Horde got about 260 honor and the 1 mark of honor.

    Blizzard punished the small group because jackasses on their team didn’t join when the WSG game opened. However, that small team managed to beat odds and actually accomplish something. Blizzard slapped us in the face for beating the odds, despite it being our team’s fault that the BG closed, it’s not like that was our fault.

    I’m interested in a kind of buffer idea. Perhaps a BG won’t start until enough people on each team have clicked an accept button. I’m not sure if this could be worked out, but it’s something that’s needed. I don’t really see any downside to this idea. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if you had the abililty to keep track of the number of people entered in each queue. Perhaps there’s some unkown here that’s preventing them from doing so.

  15. On second thought, perhaps Alliance got honor because they managed to at least pick up the flag even though they dropped it and it was returned. I forget how exactly a team gains honor in WSG.

  16. The deserter buff was amazingly cool to for about 20 minutes. After all – I was sick to death of loser ass honor farmers looking for a fast game ditch the rest of the troops when a game was taking too long, or not progressing as fast or as on target as they might like.

    Part of me was thrilled that at least now their lack of fidelity would be paid back with that scaredy cat debuff and a 15 minute cool down.

    Then I got disconnected in the middle of a fight – and came back to that same fight sporting my very own scaredy cat.

    I resepct the *spirit* of this little debuff – but question the execution.

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