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EVE[EVE Online] The latest EVE devblog has some interesting information about the skillpoint totals of the currently active players. I will share this information below.

Here is the breakdown of skillpoints of active characters on Tranquility:

between 0 and 1 million skillpoints: 358353
between 1 and 2 million skillpoints: 14035
between 2 and 3 million skillpoints: 8149
between 3 and 4 million skillpoints: 5826
between 4 and 5 million skillpoints: 4696
between 5 and 10 million skillpoints: 14859 (avg 2972)
between 10 and 15 million skillpoints: 9875 (avg 1975)
between 15 and 20 million skillpoints: 7861 (avg 1572)
between 20 and 25 million skillpoints: 6194 (avg 1239)
between 25 and 30 million skillpoints: 4373 (avg 875)
between 30 and 35 million skillpoints: 2568 (avg 514)
between 35 and 40 million skillpoints: 1313 (avg 263)
between 40 and 45 million skillpoints: 257 (avg 51)
between 45 and 50 million skillpoints: 4 (avg 0.8)
between 50 and 55 million skillpoints: 7 (avg 1.4)
between 55 and 60 million skillpoints: 1 (avg 0.2)

They also mention that the average EVE player sticks around for 7 months. As reference, I’m just over 6 million skillpoints and I started playing in May 2005.

– Ethic

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10 thoughts on “Data Mining”

  1. They say it is someone named “Doctor Caymus”. I know one thing; it would suck to get pod-killed at that level.

  2. Im shooting for the 10mil point. If you use character manager you can actually see your SP/sec which is kinda cool. Or mabey its per day…must be per day as Inm drawing like 1400 or so….

  3. Is the character manager not working since they put in the new server? It was working fine before that time, but not I can’t watch my progress at work. It’s quite sad. I liked watching the sand fall through the hour glass.


  4. I know CCP changed IP addresses and DNS stuff so it’s likely the char. manager is not working until the people that made it update the software. Look for a new update maybe?

  5. mine is working, but I update manually as the CM cant seem to handle my three accounts….even though others, at leaste one other I know of, runs 6 or more ….meh

  6. Make sure you fire off long-term skills to be trained, if you think you won’t log on much, or even if you plan to cancel the account. If you do come back, it’ll be nice to have gotten something done while you were gone. Stay in touch!

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