Between-Patch Die-Off

cov[City of Villains] The launch of City of Villains was Issue 6, with little on the heroes side (except the overlap PvP content). Issue 7 is coming, again mostly villains stuff. Luckily, most of my supergroup has City of Villains, so everyone has been on. Until recently.

We are now at that point when everyone is bored and will be logging on a couple hours a week until the new patch is on test. At first it is a few people. There are fewer people to group with from the SG, so a few more wander off. Next, you are soloing or in pick-up groups for a month, so maybe you join them in the logged-off state. Hmm, I can check out a new game for a while…

Of course, for me, that has meant more time badge-whoring on my old main and playing Kingdom of Loathing. Guys, come back! We miss you! Issue 7 is coming, really!

: Zubon

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  1. I quit COH right before Issue 5. My main (regen/spines scrapper) was constantly getting hit with the nerf bat with each patch, and the PvP was lacking.
    I sold my account on ebay for a little under $300.

    Here are what I found to be the inherent problems with CoH:
    * Level cap too low – they need to reaise it or make the gap between levels higher
    * “End-game” content was horrible. Hamidon raids were cliquish and disorganized, especially on the Champion Server. Not to mention, I am a superhero, and I am fighting a glob of jello.
    * Too easy to exploit the game (powerleveling) which brought in all the 1337 kiddies who thought they could max out their toon and be the best player and kill stealer around.
    * Why, oh Why did they keep nerfing X/regen scrappers?

    Yeah, Im jaded. :)

  2. I’ve done a fair bit of pen and paper roleplaying, I’ve even been to quite a few conventions (before they were taken over by CCGs and miniature games) and occasionally you get a really, really bad GM.

    You can tell a really, REALLY bad GM when the GM won’t let the players play a part in the telling of the story. If they deviate from the script the GM has in their mind, he will penalise them. If they find an innovative way to solve a problem put before them, he will deny them their enjoyment.

    Oh sorry, your power doesn’t work that way. But it used to. Well it doesn’t now. Why not? Cos I’m the GM.

    Unfortunately Jack Emmert is this really, really bad GM. Whenever the players play CoH outside of the way he wants them to play he penalises them. Now some people will say that it is his right to do that as he is the GM. This is true, but players also have the right to play an enjoyable game. I wish more players would realise what a useless GM this guy is and ditch him (which means ditching CoH which had such promise…).

    The sooner Jack Emmert is taken out of the picture the better for all involved with CoH.

  3. Riiiiight. When the guy who designed the game in the first place is gone, everything will magically be sunshine and rainbows!

    I remember what used to be ‘enjoyable’ – grabbing 7 people to sit there and look pretty while the eighth got swarmed under by a thousand wolves and clawed his way out of the pile. Yay, XP! …which gets you where, exactly? Snarfing down jello with your fellow 50s in the Hive? (‘course I shouldn’t laugh so hard, I’m becoming a regular on Virtue’s Hamiraid circuit.)

    Go on and name something that used to be ‘enjoyable’ that didn’t involve doing the exact same thing 10,000 times in a row and then complaining there wasn’t anything else to do. Personally, I’m glad the “GMs” aren’t letting me boil an anthill and go up a level.


  4. Something that was enjoyable? Ok, that is easy. How about fighting more than a few guys at once? I’m supposed to be a damn Super Hero! I have super powers. I want to be able to lay waste to hordes of minions, they are crap, they are the small fry, I don’t care about them. I am there to fight the major villain. Oh but wait, that doesn’t fit what Statesman “I am teh uber” Jack had in mind. So nerfs all around. Oh but wait, Statesman is special, he doesn’t get nerfed.

    Whats the point of being a super weeny?

    Yes, there were problems with people farming certain mobs, but who cares? What do they get out of it? A level 50 character… well whoop-de-doo. It’s not like they got the phat loot from it. But being a hero was damned fun. That all got taken away tho, because it didn’t fit what Jack saw in his minds eye. And yes, sometimes things grow beyond the ability of the creator to handle it. Jack is way, way out of his depth.

  5. Yes, cos like many other players who quit in disgust, I enjoyed City of Heroes when I was a hero. I liked playing a super hero. Unfortunately, unlike in real life where I can just find a less domineering GM, the super hero MMORPG options are fairly slim.

  6. Uh… I just took on an entire floor of an office complex full of Wyvern archers. At… 21. Didn’t _mean_ to, of course, but I tripped a couple of patrols and turned a blind corner. Ate just about every inspiration in my tray though it ended up being half-full, thanked the devs who made Earth’s Embrace’s +MAX HP boost enhanceable, and since this was on my brute by the time they were done trying to plink me to death I was one-and two-shotting them.

    Nothing I haven’t pulled with my Stone/Ice tank, though of course do 15 guys really count when 10 of them can’t even stand up? (replace with “fire/elec blaster” and “die in the alpha” if desired.)

    In team-related news, ran the Silver Mantis TF a couple of weekends ago and had to contend with 6 successive ambush waves, including multiple Freak Tank bosses per wave. Somehow nobody died.

    You can’t stand there like an invincible wall of iron and spam Burn anymore, but there are still plenty of chances to take on large groups in solo and team settings.


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