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EVE[EVE Online] I was hanging out in one of our stations in Alliance space when someone asked for help hauling some scrap parts and modules over to another station we have in order to be refined down to minerals. I answered the call and loaded up my industrial-class ship with about 10,000 cubic meters of junk. Away we went.

On the way, the corpmate flying with me asked if I wanted to follow them around afterwards while they blew up some Sansha’s Nation ships in the nearby ‘roid fields. My job would be to collect anything left after the explosions so we could refine it (or sell it in Empire space if it’s valuable).

I agreed so we headed out to a nearby system. He had no problems handling the “rats” single-handedly, while I went about scavenging the wrecks. We were talking about calling it a night, when a new group of Sanshas warped in on us in mid-discussion. I hit my autopilot immediately and my ship started aligning for warp (180 degrees away, argh!). In the time it took to align, the Sansha had me locked and fired missles. One hit, dropping my shields to 30%. The next missle hit, removing my shields completely and also taking out a good portion of my armor. It’s amazing how quickly things can go from good to bad.

I managed to warp out just after the second missle hit and waited for my corpmate to finish them off. I warped back to collect the loot. Checking my bank account, I had earned about 3 million ISK in just an hour or so from bounties. I don’t expect to get a cut of the bounties,
so it was nice of my corpmate to allow me a share. We dropped off the loot for refining and called it a night. New players take note, even you can make money in 0.0 space.

– Ethic

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  1. Well with a certain corp policy in place ratting and hauling the loot benefits us greatly :) I plan to loot haul when I move down to 0.0, but not moving until I have more skills trained. Can’t afford to jump clone everyday atm o_O

  2. FYI…. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I’m still in my trial period, but I’m definitely going to buy this game!, It reminds me of old school Sci-Fi Games from the days of my 386 system :) If anyone is thinking about getting in to it, DO IT! So so awesome! … Quick question Ethic, do you use TeamSpeak during your outings or do you peck everything in on the keyboard? Just wondering, the few missions I’ve been on w/ a teammate seemed like it would be way better over TS then via keyboard. As to coordinate attacks and such. Also P.S. I lost my first ship yesterday :( I was so bummed, because I’m new, it was a hit on my finances, but I had the best insurance I could get so it wasn’t all bad.

  3. Heh, I have not much to post lately. Been training my main to refine loot and ore better and training my new guy to be a pvp fighter. No real action. Hopefully I can get out in some combat soon, we have a really cool thing going on in the Corporation (which I can’t talk about due to it’s nature).

  4. Yeah..Im busy trainin my new guy to be a fighter, and I’m actually taking the suggested path and training all my “Learning” skills up to lvl 4 before I move on to other fun skills, meanwhile Ive been finding some good courrier missions (I just made my first 1,000,000.00 ISK)!…not all at once, that’s my lifes savings, but still, it was cool to see that number go in my wallet…haha, the cool thing is I am currently building a new computer, and I just installed EVE on my backup machine so I can log in and set skills to train :)

  5. first off sorry for the 2x posts, but I also wanted to say thanx for the tip about the Khanid, I have a backup char that’s ready to roll now w/ some bad a$$ gunnery, and I beat the patch! ;)

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