Raising the Cap

coh[City of Heroes] Just for the record, if the level cap for City of Heroes/Villains ever rises from 50, I am quitting and never coming back. WoW is about to raise its cap, and the idea sees occasional play with respect to CoX.

Two reasons: first, I will feel obliged to level my 50s to 60. My original level 50 is my “do everything” character, so I will naturally send her through everything I can and get all the badges available. Even if I enjoy it, it would be fairly grindy to do that with multiple characters. Why do I need to do that? Besides the natural feeling of wanting to “beat the game,” enough of my friends would feel that desire such that I would either grind towards the new level cap or need new friends for a good while.

Second, I have done a lot of Hamidon raids. Enhancements are only effective for a few levels after you get them, which means every one would be worthless by level 60. I like not worrying about loot in City of Heroes; the once-a-week Hamidon raid fulfills all my needs in that respect. If I am going to throw all that away, I might as well toss the rest of the game with it. Those of you raiding to get equipment to be able to do the next raid to…? That is not a game I am playing.

More things to do at 50? Fine and good. More levels past it? I’m out.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Raising the Cap”

  1. Blizzard is giving the vast majority of WoW players, the CASUALS, a reason to buy the expansion. The majority of these players like to level and that is what many of them played WoW for. The level 60 game sucks for them.

    So the expansion is going to increase the level cap to 70. The majority of players will buy the expansion for this reason. After they are 70 Blizzard doesn’t want them playing every day. They would rather have you cancel and then buy the next box expansion when it raises the cap to 80.

    Casuals are for box sales. Hardcore are for monthly subs.

  2. Paid expansion? sigh…

    More points for EvE, no paid expansion, no end game to worry about, no shards.
    I guess technically the CoV box was a paid expansion to CoH even though it didn’t add much to the CoH game.

  3. Yeah, not really a CoH expansion except for adding PvP. More of a second game using the same engine, which you can pay for the same monthly fee (after the box cost). I think the box cost on CoV has already dropped to $30, last I saw, so that’s not bad considering the free month included.

    CoX has free quarterly expansions (“Issues”), but 6 and 7 have been almost entirely CoV, so not much for the CoH people there. Some nice quality of living improvements in the meantime, though, but I would hope that every game does little updates like that for free.

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