Nasty, Brutish, and Short

cov[City of Villains] I mentioned recently that our SG made a few Brutes to rampage through low-level content. Since most of our members are playing less until Issue 7, I have been playing the Brute a bit, soloing and in pickup groups.

It has been a blast. And now, some comments on playing a Brute.

Brutes are to Tankers as Corruptors are to Defenders: more damage, less defense, similar role. Brutes have Tanker hit points, attack powers, and damage, combined with Tanker defense powers at Scrapper quality (low). They also have Fury and a 850% damage cap.

What is Fury? Fury is the force that binds the universe together. It sustains and fulfills. Without Fury, there would be neither life nor happiness. It is what makes food taste good. Chuck Norris wishes he had Fury.

Fury is a bar in the upper-right corner. Every time you attack or get attacked it moves up a tick, hit or miss, single target or AE, slow or fast. A full bar is a 200% damage buff, which builds up along the way. This means that the more enemies you fight, the harder you hit. The more attacks they have, the harder you hit. Every time you attack, your next attack will do more damage unless you are already at the top. Yes, every attack you have also serves as a self damage buff. Your goal is to hit as many things as possible as hard as you can as fast as you can.

Why as fast as you can? Because Fury continuously fades away. You must attack or be attacked constantly to maintain that Fury bar. The instant you finish defeating an enemy, you decide if you can survive the next group and either charge or watch your Fury bleed away as you heal or wait for companions.

Brutes pop Inspirations like drug fiends. They lead the attack on almost anything. They scream SMASH! and charge into battle. They love extended fights that end quickly: fill my Fury up with green minions and set me loose on a purple boss. Why not go one-shot something with an unslotted attack and a full Fury bar?

+850% damage cap. No one else even comes close, and even though a Brute’s base damage is 75% of a Blaster’s and 62.5% of a Scrapper’s, its potential damage is much higher. If you can maintain half a Fury bar, that is like having three damage enhancements in every power, on top of your damage enhancements.

Because of the need for speed and absurdly high damage cap, the */Kinetics Corruptor is the Brute’s natural complement. Speed Boost! Fulcrum Shift! SMASH! Sonic Blast/Kinetics could be fun, since every Sonic attack includes a resistance debuff. Actually, any sort of buffing Corruptor works nicely, because higher defense and resistance make the Brute survive massive numbers of attacks. With stacked Force Fields, the attacks never hit, but they still fill that Fury bar nicely.

I have Fire/Fire Brute. I set things on fire and destroy them. I do not stop to talk to teammates much: I am already running into the next group.

As my Brute brothers say, SMASH!

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Nasty, Brutish, and Short”

  1. And Fury is precisely the thing that tankers on the CoH boards, led by Krunch and others, asked for. Apparently Cryptic decided that instead of allowing tankers to finally have an option to “punch the Bejuzus out of someone”, they’d keep that shiney idea for *their* new shiney – City of Villains.

    As one ol’ retired Tanker, I say to Cryptic “Keep your damn shiney.” (I realize that it’s not very effective saying this through your comment board, but hey when you’ve cancelled your sub they don’t let you post on the official boards – and the Vault tanker board is deader than my grandmother)

  2. In fairness, Tankers’ “Gauntlet” inherent power is more useful than some other heroes’ powers (Blasters, Defenders).

  3. Well, really, “madder Hulk get stronger Hulk get” is a villain thing. As are “hide behind your cannon fodder”, “pick on the weak”, and “strike from the shadows”.

    Similarly, it’s heroic to “take one for the team”, “get serious against serious threats”, “make one last desparate stand”, and “work beyond your limits in times of crisis”.

    The only two inherents which might go the other way are Containment and Domination.


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