DDO: The Second Day

DDO[Dungeons & Dragons Online] I met up with a friend from Asheron’s Call 2 days. He is a big D&D fan and was excited to show me the ropes in DDO a little. I think being around someone that enjoys the game certainly makes it feel a little different. I actually had some fun this time.

After talking about things a little and telling him what I don’t like about the game, he recommended a few things. First off, he had me create a Paladin for a little more basic game play. He also told me to use the auto-attack in the beginning as it cuts down on all the clicking I was complaining about.

I created a halfling paladin following his advice (the halfling was my choice), and I was on my way. With the auto-attack, which is basically a toggle on/off, I only had to use tab to target the creature and when I was close enough I would start swinging. I could still use shift to block and when I let go of shift I would attack again. It worked really well.

Because of this, I spent more time learning how to block and position myself for a more optimal attacking position, like getting on a step to gain an advantage of height. I didn’t have tumble, so I couldn’t roll out of the way (which is something I enjoyed on my rogue). But I could hop to the left and right so it worked just about as well.

He twinked me out with some +1 gear, which may not be fair, but it made the game more fun and that’s the whole point for me. I went through the starter quests with ease, and later on while solo I took on the three quests Lord Goodblade gives out as well. I would have grouped up, but I needed to be able to leave at the drop of a hat last night so I turned down the party invite from my friend.

One of the things I found myself enjoying is the need to change weapons depending on what I was fighting. Blunt for skeletons and slime/ooze. Sharp for zombies. And I learned to use cheap weapons for smashing boxes and such, as it costs a lot of gold to repair my +1 mace which is now at half damage thanks to the slimes. Oops.

Once I slowed my combat down a bit, looking at things from a more tactical position, I found myself having more fun. I did have one graphics glitch (not related to DDO) that caused me to reboot, but other than that I had a good time. So I am going to put DDO at 1-1 now. One bad day and one good day.

– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “DDO: The Second Day”

  1. Fun enough for a little while I guess (speaking from beta experience only though) – I’m just a little miffed that it’s essentially Guildwars with a monthly fee. Centralized chat room with instanced mini dungeons, not truly an _M_MO imo….but I guess they’re all going that way now :(

  2. I think they should have made the game free to play, but modules cost money. Just like regular D&D. Put out various modules (dungeons) that you can buy. Solo, group, raid, whatever. Charge for them based on the intended time needed to complete. You could package them or sell them ala carte.

  3. How would that be for setting new standard of design quality? “Buy our content ala carte!” You would be so embarassed to be the guy at the office whose module never sold.

    Also, intense need to avoid instant mudflation. If players buy expansion packs for new loot and levels, we have an instant incentive for designers to add too much loot or xp to a dungeon. “Buy MINE.” I presume there would be some in-corporation reward incentive for highly popular modules, in fact if not explicitly as players respond to certain things so some people do better for the company.

  4. Well I can confirm the graphics problem is not related to DDO. I think my card is frying out on me. Did the same thing in EVE tonight. Bah.

  5. Ethic…. perhaps your gfx card sacrificed itself to protect you from a month of suckiness?

    The card is dead, long live the card!


  6. Charging for modules is basically what they’re doing, by making a game that only brings you up to level 10 and then coming out with expansions for higher-level content – the problem is that they’re charging a monthly fee TOO. Imagine if WoW only supported up to level 30 or so, and you had to buy expansions for the “Epic” content… and the “Epic” content consisted of killing the same monsters but they’re now +20 levels and a shade of red instead of blue…

    I agree, though – DDO would have been really cool if it followed the Guild Wars model of no monthly fee but $20 content expansions every five levels or so. In addition to this, they could have premium dungeons, like Bioware’s premium modules for NWN. And so what if there was uber-loot in some of the premium dungeons? The game isn’t PvP anyway, what do I care if Buddy wants to pee away his hard-earned cash for a Vorpal Headband +4…

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