Still Alive

wow[Stay Alive] I can’t believe I’m going to write about this film again, but I’ve been over thinking since I first wrote about it. I really need to fix my computer. Anyways, the more I thought about it, maybe Stay Alive could be the greatest idea for a movie ever! It probably will suck though.

This thing is coming out this weekend. I’m going to guess either Inside Man will be the top film this weekend or V for Vendetta will repeat as the top film this weekend. We’ll have to wait and see if the 100 million gamers in this country can spend 2 hours away from their games this weekend to see Stay Alive or if the Larry the Cable Guy movie out dos Stay Alive in the box office.

Anyways, I have a feeling this film was one of 2 things:
1) A studio exec saw something on the internet about those unfortunate WoW deaths in Asia and said “hey online gaming is scary, let’s make a movie about it” and then they got someone to write the script.
2) They made a movie about a possessed video game and then decided to stick some multiplayer stuff on it later on and market it as a MMO movie in an attempt to seem more hip.

I haven’t seen the film and there are no reviews so I have no idea what it is really about. The way they market a film can have nothing to do with the film itself. None of the commercials for UltraViolet mentioned anything about vampires. Stay Alive could be about people getting sucked into a video game TRON style for all I know. The Stay Alive trailer shows guys on headsets, a shot of the ingame avatars (which look like their real life counterparts), and has that line about video game addiction and 100 million gamers. They’re definately suggesting the game is a MMO. We’ll see when the film comes up if this is because they tried to make a MMO film or if marketing was just alluding to it in hopes of getting some EQ players to buy a few tickets.

Of course if they took approach 1 from above, they might not have any idea what a MMO is other than it is a rising trend in gaming, some guy killed his friend over Legend of Mir III, and whatever else they could learn from those Star Wars Galaxies commercials on late night cable TV. So it could be intended as a MMO movie, but deal with nothing resembling a MMO at all.

More likely though, they probably took approach 2. A line from the plot synopsis on the official website suggests this. The gamers don’t know anything about the game other than they’re not supposed to have it… and they’re dying to play it. Someone probably said “hey let’s make The Ring, but instead of a tape it’ll be a haunted video game!” Which would explain why the people in the movie are playing a survival horror as opposed to a genre more tradionally associated with multiplayer online gaming.

The fact that this is a game they aren’t supposed to have means that the “massively” part of MMO is probably not going to be present in the film. Again, maybe I’m completely wrong and we have here a great film. Maybe the people in the film are part of a beta test gone horribly wrong and must stop the release of the game or else players around the world are going to unleash the spirit of Elizabeth Báthory. Imagine if the 2.5 million or whatever the count is now WoW players in the US suddenly all got possesed by evil spirits. Or, since Hollywood Pictures is part of Disney, Toon Town Onine could be possesed. Of course that probably won’t happen. The movie will probably end with them snapping a DVD in half or something and walking off into the sunset… until we see the TV turn itself on.

The End…?

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  1. It’s not about an MMO, it not “Massively Mulit-Player” It looks like a console / LAN Game, aka w/ a cople close friends, like NWN :)

  2. Yeah, what foxt said. Clips show them playing with PS2-style controllers, and no PC around. And everyone knows the really cool kids only play on the PC.

    Looks like “Resident Evil” (game) meets “The Ring” (crappy horror flick) to me.

    I’m betting if the term ‘pwnd’ shows up in the film… it’s going to be pronounced “Pee wund”.


  3. OMg…if “pwnd” shows up I will laugh!… and Ive heard it pronounced two ways… Of which I prefer the first:
    Peah-own-d (said quickly)
    Pee-Owned (said w/ 2 sylables)
    Now they both crack me up, I’ve also heard “Pooned” or “Pooning Noobs” … Maybe they’ll say Noob, Nub, Nubcake, or any sort of cousin of this word, if So ill go to that movie just to see that! …haha

  4. The game they’re playing looks inspired by Resident Evil Outbreak…you know, the online one that hardly anyone plays because changing a horror game into a competition to see how fast you can complete a level totally defeats the point of a horror game.

  5. rofl… Hmm, I wonder how they would pronounce that?

    “Ruf-uhl” as in Ruffles chips, but only 1 Ruffle. Mmmm….ruffflllles….

    I’m sure it’ll suck ass – like any movie ever made that has anything whatsoever to do with anything video game/computers/interweeb/haxoring

    Anyone see the Net (no comment)? Swordfish (nice virus IDE)? Independence war? (uhm, aliens with Mac PowerBooks or whatever….yeah right, you can barely see HUMANS using Macs)….jeez there’s way too many to list. Anyone else want to contribute to this? I’m just way too busy lmao

  6. yeah, but it was Mac Dweeb Supremus-X Jeff Golbloomisauris, hacking that alien db with his powerbook.

    Aliens 1, Gates 0.

    It’s universal knowledge that Mac is the preferred alien OS. Just ask Elvis.

    *thumbs (all 6) up!*

  7. It’d be great if there was a scene like the beginning of 2Fast 2Furious where the characters are just yelling random “hip” taunts at each other except this time they’d be bragging about how l33t they are.

    “I love the Power Glove. It’s so… BAD.”

  8. Isn’t the 100 million gamers figure the biggest clue that it has nothing to do with MMOs? There aren’t even close to that many MMO players in America, although I’m assuming there might be if you’re talking about all games in general. Even the supposed 25 million who are addicted is surely way, way too high for the MMO audience in America. It really seems to me it’s just a movie about multiplayer games, rather than the massive variety.

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