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DDO[Dungeons & Dragons Online] Once again solo and only with time for one quest to test my video card changes, I took my paladin into a dungeon called “The Low Road”.

Kill a few easy mobs and keep moving. An ooze (slime? snot?) attacks so I switch to a cheap club and kill it. Switch back to my sword (since my nice mace is pretty damaged and it is a loaner so I need to take care of it).

I arrived at a fork in the hallway. Left or right. There is an open door on the left and a creature on the right (kobold? I forget already). I kill the creature on the right but come back to go left, taking note of a lever right in the middle of the fork.

I look through the door and see a ledge with no obvious exit. I go back and throw the switch. The door on the left closes and the door on the right opens. I go there and find a ledge just like on the left. I approach the edge of the ledge.

Looking down, it’s all water. I can’t swim. What to do? No real option here, I drop off the ledge into the water. Lucky for me it’s only a foot deep on the sides. There is a deep pool in the middle of the room.

Looking around, there is a ladder on each side of the pool. I climb the closest ladder and dispatch a creature. I spot a lever and pull it. I hear a door open. Back down the ladder.

I see an opening in the wall now, go in and pull another lever. Something happens somewhere. I swim across the pool and climb the other ladder, repeating the same thing. Kill creature, pull lever, opens door, pull another lever. It opens a hatch deep in the pool. Did I mention I can’t swim? Well, I can’t. Quest over.

I’ll sum up at this point. I had fun, but the quest is on rails for the most part. I never found myself weighing several choices and deciding to go in a certain direction. I pretty much had only one thing to do at each point. It was an enjoyable quest, but not all that creative.

I found myself thinking about Morrowind. Neverwinter Nights even. What is DDO giving me that I can’t get somewhere else for no monthly fee? Nothing I can think of right now. I’m just glad my video card seems to be working again. I’m not done with you yet, DDO.

– Ethic

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  1. One of the things that I consider when playing a mmorpg is, as Ethic said, “What is DDO[or whatever] giving me that I can’t get somewhere else for no monthly fee?”

    Most single player game are made with a unifying purpose and limited scope. Within this framework the game designers try and get a good storyline, good graphics, and creative game play. In Knights of the Old Republic one of the mini quests was a murder mystery where you had to question people to find out who done it. I never did anything like that in Star Wars Online. KOTOR was great. Great. Star Wars Online was fun.

    For fantasy games, I enjoyed Planescape, Neverwinter, and still play Morrowind. These are my favorites, and I can’t help compare them to any other game. For NwN and Morrowind there is a lot of player created content out there. Some of the best NwN games I had were not made by Bioware but by gaming enthuisists. (Stephen Gagne series and Wydraz’s Subterra being my favorites.) For these games there’s life beyond the box you buy.

    A lot of my friends have played EQ, WoW, and now a few are trying DDo. I used to play Ultima Online. The thing is, what I have seen of them…I prefer the non mmorpg games. The scope of the single player game, or in NwN’s case low number of players, is that they seem to be able to do more with it. I just wish that they could be played online! (Nwn withstanding…) The thing that attracts me to mmorpgs is that I can play with my friends.

    I am looking forward to Morrowind Oblivion (and upgrading my computer…) NwN II is scheduled to come out this fall. From what I have seen they both look good. These two games are preventing me from getting much interest in WoW or DDo despite pressure from my friends.

    When I play an online game I need them to give me…I don’t know…something different. It’s sort of an intangable visceral feeling. I need an “it.” I get that from City of Heroes. Making a super dude, or baddie, running aroung town, blasting foes and throwing super fists around is great! For comic book games what else is there? The only other decent hero game out there, help me if you know another, is Freedom Force. What I am looking forward to someday is someone making a super hero game similar to NwN. Multiplayer that can be modified. At this time, CoH has an “it” that I can’t get anywhere else. Still, part of me does yearn for elements of Freedom Force to be put in CoH.

    Are there any fantasy mmorpgs that will give me similar game experiences? I haven’t seen one that will -yet. The attraction to play WoW or DDo is that my buddies are on them, and they can make anything fun.

  2. This enitre DDO series is like fingers on a chalk board for me, I mean, its like a train wreck that I can’t not watch, or its like, um, exactly what I’ve been experiencing as I go through the motions of DDO newbieness… My condolences. Your pain is felt.

  3. Well Captain, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is in stores now. FYI: Morrowind was Elder Scrolls III. Just to clear it up. I’ll be trying out Oblivion shortly.

    And I know you would love World of Warcraft, give it some more thought.

  4. Buying Oblivion tomorrow! Woo! Didn’t like Morrowind too much, but was mostly thanks to the horrid character models and sluggish gameplay. I’ve seen and heard of improvement on both.

    Oh yeah…DDO. Umm…I have a D&D game tomorrow night. =D

  5. So, about DDO. I hate the social interface, and most of the time when I tell to someone, they can’t respond. Would it be so bad to click the name of someone that gave you a tell to respond ala WoW? What we have is a game that is %100 dependent on groups, with a poor way to find them. Also, no crafting, no auction house, no pvp, I’m just having a hard time finding fun with this one.
    It’s true, the instanced quests are pretty cool. Those few first solo noob quests are awesome. That said, at about lvl 2, EVERYONE you meet has done ALL OF THE QUESTS 40 TIMES. My first trip to WaterWorks was with a lvl 4 fighter with a flaming sword that could speedrun it. I “beat” the quest, by running behind him, skipping encounters.
    I think IF you have 3-4 friends that allways played with you, it would be a heck of a game. But as it is now, someone in every PUG is a cagey veteran, berating the noobs for not skipping every kobold. An auction house or PvP would do wonders…
    RE: oblivion, I’m SO TEMPTED to pick this up, but it just seems like a lvl/loot treadmill than a story drivin adventure. And if I’m going on the treadmill, I’m for damn sure going with other players so they can gawk at my flaming 2handed epenis of farming.

  6. I missed all my guild raids this week because of Oblivion.

    Hint: keep the difficulty slider at half-way or a bit higher. Any lower is God mode, the highest setting is impossible.

    One-shotting mobs from stealth with a bow – brings back he good old days of Thief.

  7. DDO really does sound like a missed opportunity. The quest system sounds awesome in so many ways, finally giving us interesting dungeons to explore, but then ruins it by making them so linear. I guess we can just hope future MMOs will learn from the mistakes, and that’ll be DDO’s little legacy.

  8. Anyone in DDO can swim. You just need to take your armour off and unequip your weapon.

    Who ever heard of someone swimming in full plate carrying a sword and shield. That’s called ‘sinking’

  9. That’s great, but what do I do when I get to the other side? Well, it is of no matter as I will not be playing DDO past the free trial.

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