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cov[City of Villains] I may have mentioned this before, but you are required to do the basic function of your class. I think I referred to a Mastermind or three who would not summon their pets?

Today, I was on a team with a Stalker who did not use Hide. A Regen Stalker, she also did not use Integration. Or any toggles at all, in fact.

There are two defining powers for a Stalker: Hide and your Assassin Strike. Using the second requires the first, without which you are just a low damage class with caster hit points and no defenses to speak of. Regeneration is about healing yourself. If you do not turn on your healing power, you die; also, it has all of your protection against crowd control.

You may not be surprised to hear that she did not, in fact, die. You can still hide in lowercase, in the sense of running to the back of the group if the enemy looks scary.

If you can see the Stalker on your team, kick her from the group.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Play Your Class”

  1. Did you ask her why she didn’t use her stealth powers? It does seem a bit odd…

    …But perhaps she thought her costume was SO cool that she couldn’t bear to not to see it in all its glory.

  2. Biggest problem with class based systems… defining someons role when they don’t want to be defined -_- Creates situations like this 100x over every single day.

    I am and will never be a fan of telling someone how to play their class. I just kick them from my groups :)

  3. Well, there’s the case of corruptors who advertise themselves as healers versus those who concentrate on damage. I can accept both of those as legitimate ways to play the same class. Similarly I don’t really mind teaming up with a radiation “offender” since the debuffs and PBAoE buff aura help _me_ too.

    But in the case where you take powers which are either class-defining or give you a huge advantage (Integration jacks up healing rate and resists crowd control and knockdown) and then _refuse to use them_ – what role are you trying to define for yourself? Ineffectual Sidekick?


  4. I don’t see any mention in the archives about MMs who won’t summon. Can you describe that further? I don’t see the upside even for RPing purposes.

  5. No, they’re just lazy, worthless leeches. If there are a few other Masterminds in the group, it may take you a while to notice them, as it took me a bit to question why I could see the Stalker so often. When I checked her buff bar…

    I did not get the chance to ask about Hide. I suggested actually turning on Integration after I noticed, and I was going for one thing at a time. She apparently was planning to get by with just Dull Pain and Reconstruction (then why take Integration?). I suggested that she might not get knocked down 5 times/fight with Integration on. “Really?” She still did not turn it on.

    I thought I’d save the Hide suggestion until we were out of the mission with detectors. “Maybe she is just using Placate, since some things in here see through stealth and can hit you before you Assassin Strike.” And then she quit the team.

  6. I had a similar experience yesterday when I bothered to accept an unexpected invitation. Leading the group was a Stalker who just could never bother to wait long enough to restealth after combat before charging into the next group. Didn’t help that she was lvl15, missioning on ruthless, and the average level of the group was 12. Caused me my third death (if you don’t count the five I suffered getting the Nerva Beacon at lvl18 this morning because the SG leader kept whining about it but was too lazy to get it himself).

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