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EVE[EVE Online] While I have been suffering through computer downtime, some suprisingly big news has recently bubbled up via the various EVE channels. SirMolle of the Band of Brothers Alliance made this announcement recently:

Today BOB revokes all standings with all other corporations or alliances. Things have settled into a state of stagnation. These systems so far from the core should not be so peaceful. It is an aberration, an imbalance, something that has to change. We remember old acquaintances, the good and the bad. However, just as true warriors will joyfully spill each others’ blood, we will not hesitate to fight old friends. This is a good change.

To the world of EVE we give the gift of conflict. Let our eyes light up to welcome it.

The regions of Fountain, Delve, Period Basis, will no longer allow travel through or visits. Active as of friday downtime, you are set back to 0.0. This will not change anytime soon.


Take a look at this map.

See that big blue blob on the left side? That’s BOB space. Big. See that pink spot in the middle, towards the bottom? That’s HUZZAH space, aka my space. Small.

This announcement, which basically says that they are going to shoot at everyone, is interesting. I don’t know how far it will go, but it just goes to show you how players can create content by creating conflict. Alliances that used to have agreements with BOB to not fight against, are now in the “feel free to shoot at” category. This includes us.

NBSI. It means “Not Blue, Shoot It”. Normally when you forge a friendship with an alliance, they set your alliance at a positive rating, say +10. This means you will be shown in blue on the screen. Makes it easy to tell friend from foe. BOB has shut off all the blue on their screen and they operate under the NBSI rules. Therefore, everyone not in their alliance will be the enemy. Since HUZZAH was blue to BOB before and now it is not, I would expect to find out BOB will be set to -10 soon. That is the only way to handle NBSI Alliances. They will shoot you, so shoot them first. This is, of course, my opinion. I do not speak for my alliance – I don’t know what they will do yet.

Also of note, Imperial Republic of the North (IRON) and the G Alliance have disbanded recently. Strange times. Check that map again, you can see IRON and G in the upper left, blue and green. Not that small.

Let the games begin.

More coverage here.

– Ethic

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16 thoughts on “No Longer Blue”

  1. So I’m paraphrasing here: “We have decided to go insane and kill anyone we see, because the game needs more violence”?

  2. I love this game…and these are the kinds of things that make it so awesome, 1 Corp leader can change the pace or direction, not to mention you could sit in a station and Trade, Chat, Read up on 1 of 923028309283 things you can get in the market or Escrow. IT’s awesome, only problem is I need to hide out in a station for awhile till my noobie skills are a little better and I can fly a decent ship that wont become 2 hit cannon fodder (1 hit to destroy my ship & one for my pod :P) See you in Empire Ethic

  3. The war between being and nothingness is the underlying illness of the twentieth century. Boredom slays more of existence than war. ~Norman Mailer

  4. Zubon, there is very little visual violence, its more like making each Corp spend money on new equipment and ships… :P

  5. Besides w/ Great Power Comes great responsibility….haha, Someone needed to start our own version of WWII … BOB = Nazi’s :P

  6. What people that may not fully understand this are failing to grasp is that BoB has the bite to back up the bark. With the weak alliances in the north going under possibly we could see all of EVE at war.

  7. Norman Mailer was a rich white western male, one of a very very limited number of people that have historically had the arrogant luxury to think that ennui was a bigger problem than war.

    The problem, as I see it, is that 0.0 is just too profitable to sustain serious ongoing warfare. The incentives for cooperative exploitation rather than competative warfare are simply too strong to sustain people’s interest in psychotic squabbling instead of forming relatively peaceful alliances. BoB’s undoubted willingness and equally undoubted ability to throw even large and organized alliances against the wall will shake things up for a while. But I suspect the tide of creeping development and stability is simply only going to get stronger in the long run.

  8. NBarnes and thats whats great :) I firmly believe though that there will always be a BoB around to cause major shake ups. There is such a thing is being to big for your own good.

  9. I have to wonder if CCP gave BoB some incentive to shake things up.

    I just started Eve a little while ago, it’s my first foray into MMOs in fact, but I’m totally loving it. Still working on basic skills so I have not ventured into low sec much yet, but from what I have gathered that seems to be the place for real fun and excitement. Frankly, I’d be a little disappointed if it was as calm as empire space when I got there.

  10. I realy wish there was a way i could get ahold of something like a 30 day free trial of EvE. That game looks realy cool but I dont want to spend money on an acount without having “previewed” it.

    Anyone know of a way to get a trial acount for EvE free of charge?

  11. It is true BoB’s Desire to Shake things up might dwindle w/ the spending of funds on Lost ships and such, but this going run the equivilant of a 15 round title fight, not like a high school fight where kids throw a few punches & run out of gas or get pull appart in 2 min :)

  12. is the beast someone who’s mean in EVE?…aka Podding un-suspecting noobies flying thru his gate in 0.4 space (if detect a hint of bitterness, you’re right on, I was podded by some ahole, greifing a gate in 0.4 space, and I was planning on never needing a clone :D good thing my clone was up to snuff).

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