Stupid Computers

I thought I had finally fixed my video corruption/crash problem with a new power supply, but my video went out again tonight. I am so sick of this. Can’t play anything for more than 30 minutes. I really don’t want to spend any more money, but this is getting old. Stupid computers.

Right now I just want to quit gaming forever. Bah…

– Ethic

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17 thoughts on “Stupid Computers”

  1. Could it be heat issues? Or bad memory instead?

    If a particular game is pushing your card (and not throttling), these kinds of issues can result (I think). Also, when memory starts going bad, all sorts of weirdness can happen.

    There are likely some better troubleshooting sites out there that could help you determine what’s going on (use for any that require a “free registration” to get in and look around).

  2. Noooo… we need you for the war!

    It sounds like heat or bad memory. Have you used a memory testing tool yet? Not sure on the name of it… but its a free program that can identify memory issues.

  3. Hehe, I know how you feel. Although I did finally get mine fixed. I’ve been trying out the changes they made to priests in WoW.

  4. I narrowed it down to video card or power supply. PS was cheaper so I tried that first. Now I’m shopping for a new video card, goodbye $300.

  5. Once you locate a card you want, you may want to check to see if you can save a few $$$.

  6. Actually you can find that 7800GS on Ebay for close to $200.00 brand new, un-opend… I would give that a thought..if your lookin to save some bucks.

  7. I’m still messing around with my 6800GT so far. In the meantime I have another system with an FX5900 in it I can use for gaming, but it is not the best. I looked on ebay but did not see anything close to $200 but maybe your ebay-fu is better than mine.

  8. Have you tried chipset drivers? It’s an easy thing to overlook and I speak from experience when I say it causes those exact problems

  9. I tried everything I could think of (I do this sort of thing for a living too). I picked up a 7800GSOC from BFG today so that is going in tonight.

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