St. Sneaky Pete’s Oyster Day

kol[Kingdom of Loathing] The Kingdom of Loathing has its own holidays, mirroring normal American holidays. These are set by the KoL calendar, but they also appear on the real-world calendar days. The Feast of Boris, for example, appears on Thanksgiving as well as Boozember 7.

Today is the first time a KoL holiday falls on a real world holiday that has a KoL equivalent. Therefore, it is a combination of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Drunkenness and oyster eggs abound. Can you find the secret special baskets?

(Special Offer! Today Only! I thought you’d want to know.)

: Zubon

One thought on “St. Sneaky Pete’s Oyster Day”

  1. Apparently, real-life Christmas and KoL Halloween are going to coincide this year too.

    Considering that Crimbo always gets special content, I think we’re quite likely in for a treat when that comes around.

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